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26 November 2013 

Announcing the Bizzabo Web Networking Platform

Emma Borochoff

You may have heard some buzz about our new release lately, well here it is: Bizzabo has launched a web networking platform for your event!


This means that the Bizzabo networking platform is not just on Android and iOS smartphones alone, but will be accessible from most devices!

 What do You Get as an Organizer?

  • A full networking platform – mobile and online – that will allow all of your attendees to be part of your event’s community
  • A branded event page to fit the look and feel of your event
  • An even more effective tool for networking before and after your event – plus it syncs up with the app!

How Does This Help?

  • This opens up the Bizzabo platform to any user who has a device that can access the internet (Blackberry and Windows Phone users – rejoice!)
  • The web platform’s usability and accessibility make it easier to grow a more engaged community for your event earlier and faster
  • The platform adds another dimension to your conference by extending the networking capabilities from just the mobile app to include a branded site for more pre and post event engagement.

Superior Search Functionalities

So your attendees want to find the most-viewed CEOs from France who also happens to like art. They can do it with the new web platform! Extremely detailed searches and filters let your attendees find the people they want to meet.


Message from Your Laptop…and your phone, your tablet, your desktop…

The web platform gives your conference a full, 360 messaging experience. Since the web and mobile platform are always synced up, attendees can keep conversations going from home or on the go.


Other Awesome New Stuff:

  • Engagement boosters let your attendees “like” and share sessions, attendees and sponsors with their networks!
  • Real-time analytics to help track your event’s engagement metrics and give you great feedback about your community
  • Valuable sponsorship opportunities that show off your sponsors and connect them with attendees

 Learn more about these sweet new features on our sweet new website!

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