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25 June 2019 

5 Takeaways from RAMP 2019: Your Revenue Operations Strategy for ABM

Alon Waks

Looking to align your Revenue Operations teams with your ABM strategy? I’ve got you covered. Here’s a look at my 5 key takeaways from RAMP 2019 in Boston.Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at InsightSquared’s RAMP 2019 conference in Boston. I had a blast wading rainy weather with great people, great conversations, and of course second helpings of lobster mac and cheese and an ice cold ale. Cheers, Boston!

I’ve been thinking a lot about ABM strategies and best practices. During RAMP 2019, I listened to some great sessions, panel discussions, and conversations. Here are my top 5 takeaways to getting your revenue operations team and ABM strategy in lockstep:

1. Focus on the strategy

Don’t let your tools and approach get mixed up. Your approach should dictate the tools you use rather than the other way around. Flesh out your ABM strategy before investing in technology. It’s always good to pilot your ABM approach and define how you are going to do inbound vs outbound before beginning to double down on the implementation aspects.

2. Align Marketing and Sales KPIs

Understand your data and how you measure your funnel first. Next, identify which KPIs are shared and which KPIs are not. Your understanding of your data and funnel measurements will help you determine if your shared and separate KPIs are maximizing team performance. This will enable you to align your marketing and sales teams towards revenue operations.

3. Embrace the challenge

Most revenue operations teams are stuck in the middle ground between sales and marketing. A successful revenue operations team knows their world of analytics exists to drive revenue and enable an effective revenue machine. Revenue operations should embrace their position as the glue between marketing, sales, and customer success.

4. Gather the A-Team

The biggest mistake a revenue operations teams can make is not including their customer success team. Prior to setting up your revenue operations department, make sure that all the relevant teams—sales, customer success, and marketing—are included.

5. Align your Target Accounts

Alignment starts with an agreement on the target account list. Without that, no matter how hard the teams work, you can never meet in the middle.

Need more inspiration? If you’re hungry to learn how top sales and marketing leaders from AWS, Greenhouse, Vimeo, and Kustomer successfully align their teams, join us at Bizzabo HQ for our upcoming RevOps event.

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