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Don’t go back — go forward. We’ve been helping organizations run unforgettable in-person events with innovative software for more than 10 years.

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In-person events are more high-tech and interactive than ever before. To stand out, you need native onsite software featuring flexible check-in options, customizable badge design, real-time check-in data, and more. Need a branded mobile app that supports multiple events and drives engagement? Want to offer AI-driven networking and scheduled meetings? It’s what we do.

De-stress check-in with onsite event software

The check-in process can make or break an attendee’s experience. Using innovative technology from our Klik acquisition, Bizzabo can help you create a seamless self-service or staffed check-in experience. Leverage on-demand badge scanning and badge printing, deliver an on-brand experience with a customizable plug-and-play app, and empower exhibitors and sponsors to capture and nurture leads with ease.

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Riskalyze Partners With Bizzabo To Build Community & Experiences

See how Riskalyze increased registrations, enhanced the attendee experience, and delivered better networking opportunities at its annual user conference — and largest event.

The In-person Event Production Kit

Get all of the tools, templates, and guidance you need to execute high-impact in-person events like the pro we know you are.

The Event Budgeting Guide

Budgeting can be challenging for the most seasoned of event professionals. In this guide, you’ll get everything you need to master hybrid event budgeting.

Podcast: The State of the Events Industry

In this Event Experience episode, you’ll hear what Julius Solaris, founder of Boldpush, thinks about the state of in-person events and what’s coming next for today’s event professionals.


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You could plan your event using a registration tool, an onsite solution, a webinar builder, a networking tool, a data insights compiler, a video production crew, a website creator, a venue mapping app, a sponsorship management platform, a bottle of tequila, and a partridge in a pear tree — or you could build every event with Bizzabo.

“We wanted to host our biggest and best event yet, and Bizzabo was the best-in-breed platform we needed to back us up. Fearless Investing Summit is our largest audience of the year, and the in-person experience needed to be damn-near flawless — and that’s exactly what we got.”

Emily Wolfe

Senior Manager, Events & Experiences

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