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3 June 2021 

Announcing our Biggest Move in Reimagining the Way People Meet and Connect

Eran Ben-Shushan
Announcing our Biggest Move in Reimagining the Way People Meet and Connect

Bizzabo is acquiring x.ai to tackle the industry’s greatest frustrations and help everyone get the most out of their event experiences.

I’m thrilled to announce that Bizzabo is acquiring x.ai, a powerful technology company and a leader in AI scheduling & matchmaking, to help create personalized event experiences.

People go to events for many reasons — the experience, the content, and most importantly, to make meaningful connections. Event organizers, speakers, sponsors, and attendees are all hoping to meet, connect, and build long-lasting relationships. But more often than not, they are left wanting more.

Think about a recent event you went to. There were probably hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees, speakers, and sponsoring brands there. You want to make sure you meet the right people and get the most relevant content, but it’s overwhelming. Even when you identify those things, finding time to have those meetings is a tedious, manual task. Whether in-person or virtual, the goal is simple — but the process is complex.

That’s why we’re excited to acquire x.ai. The incredible x.ai team has built a best-in-class AI scheduling and matchmaking engine that enables people to meet whenever, wherever via instantaneous and contextual scheduling. x.ai’s sophisticated AI technology provides the tools for attendees to connect with the right people at the right time. Together, we’re going to make it easier than ever to create authentic connections and build relationships.

The Vision

By acquiring x.ai, we’re making great strides toward the very mission Bizzabo was founded on — to create impactful and rewarding experiences at events. With x.ai’s powerful AI infrastructure, 5,000 different attendees can have 5,000 different experiences, each curated and personalized for them.

We’re elevating event experiences for all stakeholders by making it more efficient than ever to meet and connect. Specifically, our all-in-one event platform will offer the following capabilities:

  • Meeting Scheduler: Allow attendees to easily schedule meetings with each other, whether they’re in-person or virtual.
  • Bizzabo For Exhibitors: Enable companies presenting at events with state-of-the-art meeting management technology to find and engage their most relevant customers.
  • Smart Recommendations: Increase participants’ satisfaction by personalizing their event journey and proactively recommending relevant content and people to meet with.

As we look to the future of events, this acquisition will enable every stakeholder to maximize their event success by engaging with the most relevant content and people. Partners will be able to more deeply engage with their target audiences, attendees can schedule meetings at the click of a button, and organizers will see exponential ROI with personalized contextual matchmaking that recommends curated content and connections for their attendees.

Better Together

Bizzabo and x.ai have a mutual belief in the power of people and the importance of coming together to share ideas. Coupled with Bizzabo’s experience in the event industry, x.ai’s expertise and technology position us to better serve our customers and stay at the forefront of event experiences. With Bizzabo’s hybrid-ready event platform and x.ai’s powerful infrastructure, there are endless ways to personalize the event experience that is way beyond meetings.

We are equally excited that the x.ai team will be joining us and playing a pivotal role in integrating the scheduling engine to create a seamless offering for our customers. x.ai’s founders Dennis and Marcos have built an amazing team with award-winning technology. Most importantly, they share similar values and are as excited as we are about leveraging technology to maximize human experiences at events.

Bizzabo Acquires x.ai - Vision

Building Momentum

This exciting move is Bizzabo’s second acquisition in a month, following our Whalebone announcement. The news also comes on the heels of our recent $138 million dollar investment as well as being named “a Leader” in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Marketing Events Management Solutions, Q1 2021 report.

Exciting times ahead of us – for the industry and for the Bizzabo team. We’re hiring across the board and are looking for the brightest minds to join us. Team x.ai – welcome to the Bizzafamily – we’re thrilled to partner with you in this amazing journey!

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