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Bizzabo news | 21 September 2015

To More Ticket Sales, And Beyond!

Emma Borochoff

Ready to boost your ticket sales while twiddling your thumbs?  Bizzabo’s Ticket Boost (recently reviewed by Event Manager Blog) incentivizes attendees to share your event with their social networks because now there’s something in it for them!  When an attendee registers, they receive a dedicated, shareable, unique discount code that not only lets them provide a sweet discount with their networks, but the attendee sharing the code gets money back on their already-purchased ticket with each ticket purchased through their code.


The Ticket Boost feature is already seamlessly integrated in your platform- all you need to do is set the discount amount, activate the feature, encourage attendees to share, and voila!  Attendees will automatically receive their code as soon as they register and can share it with their colleagues straight from the Bizzabo platform.


This model for social brand advocacy and dual incentive has been a powerful tool in the growth of thriving companies such as Uber, DropBox and AirBnB. With Ticket Boost, there’s now a successful way to spread the word and increase ticket sales for those in the event space. Often times when event organizers ask attendees to share the event with their networks it generally relies on the goodwill of their participants and has minimal reach. Ticket Boost is different as it gives something back and creates a real incentives for repeated and active sharing and targeting, rather than a one off automated social message that is easy to ignore and hard to measure.

This double-sided, social referral program means the incentives are not only built-in, but twofold!  Sharing is caring, but especially when it saves your attendees a buck 😉

Want to get started with Ticket Boost?  Just activate it in your account or reach out to see a live demo!

Stay up to date with Bizzabo's latest.

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