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Event marketing | 20 January 2016

How To Use An Email Signature Maker To Market Events

David Epstein

The average business person sends 38 emails per day, according to a Radicati study. That’s about 760 emails a month assuming that people work only 5 days a week.

In a world where event marketers are scrambling to find ways to inform people about their latest event, utilizing the extra space at the end of the 700+ emails sent every month is a great and inexpensive option to grab mind share.

But before organizers dive into their email platform settings, there are a few tips to keep in mind in order to create a signature that serves your event marketing goals.

Email Signature Maker Tips

1. Create A Clear Call-To-Action

As with a call to action (CTA) on your event website, make it clear what you want email recipients to click on when using an email signature maker. If you want to drive website traffic, then include a link that says something like “Learn More!” or “Click Here To Learn More.” If you’re trying to build a social media following, then include one or two social media buttons encouraging recipients to connect on your platform of choice.

In the example below, note the CTA in the bottom left corner of the signature. Since it clearly says “Learn More” rather than just linking to an event website, more people are likely to click on it. In a recent report by Unbounce, CTA conversion rates increased after providing a clear call to action to viewers, take advantage of this CTA best-practice when designing your own signature with an email signature maker.

Email signature maker

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2. Keep It Simple

The email signature is not the place to include a lengthy text description of the offering you’re trying to promote. Instead, it should be a place to quickly point contacts in the right direction so that they can learn more about your event. It’s fine to include a company or conference tag line, but avoid writing a multi-sentence description or risk looking like a technology Luddite.

The best email signatures avoid clutter, in order to better direct those interested to your CTA of choice.

3. Include A Great Looking Headshot

Business is personal. Psychologically, we are more prone to trust companies that we can easily associate human faces with. Including your headshot in your email signature is a great way to build trust with email recipients, and it’s likely to encourage recipients to click on the CTA in your email signature.

4. Avoid Using Quotes

While some email signature makers might support the ability to add a quote as part of your signature, it’s best not to do this. Less is more when it comes to creating email signatures, and adding a quote, regardless of how good it is, will distract recipients from engaging with your CTA.

5. Measure The Impact Of An Email Signature

As with any other event marketing initiative, it’s best to be data-driven about your email signature. Use a tool that allows you to create a trackable URL, and embed that link as the website URL. That way, you’ll be able to know if your signature was successful at driving email recipients to your event website.

Be sure to update your email signature periodically, to see if re-designed versions improve the metrics you’re measuring through  the trackable URL.

6. Encourage Your Whole Team To Get On Board

Brand consistency is key to marketing an event, and to looking like a truly professional organizer. Encourage your whole team to create a great looking email signature, to ensure that your event brand has a professional look and feel.

7. Make It Beautiful, Or Don’t Make It At All

An ugly email signature is more likely to hurt you, than it is to help you. If you have an email signature that looks cluttered or out-dated, consider removing it until you find an email signature maker that’s good enough to create a great looking signature.

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