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Event marketing | 29 August 2016

The Event Planner’s Guide To Social Media Visuals

Josh Levine

It should come as no surprise that visuals play a significant role in the success or failure of social media marketing efforts. Thanks to the rapid successes of outlets like Instagram, visual-based posts have become increasingly popular on all social media platforms.

Not only are visually rich social media posts popular, they are also effective. Across various social media platforms, posts that include visuals have a 650% higher engagement rate than posts that only include text (source).

As an event marketer or planner, social media can be a great platform for generating event awareness among potential attendees. Social media platforms can also be used to better engage those who are already registered for an event. To better use three of the most popular social platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this article will walk you through the ideal social media image sizes for each one.

The article will also feature outstanding examples of image based posts used by successful events on the respective platforms. At the end, we include a few helpful resources you can use to create compelling visual yourself.


Social Media Post Sizes & Examples

Facebook: 1200×628 pixels

In the example below, MozCon created a visual to communicate that spots for their up coming event were selling out quickly. The fun visual helped to soften what might otherwise be considered an overly promotional post.

In another example, Dreamforce created a great looking visual to promote some of the speakers presenting at an upcoming roadshow event.

Twitter: 1024×512 pixels

Take a minute and picture your Twitter feed. In all likelihood you’re thinking about a list of text based posts, many of which share a link to another webpage. By attaching an image to your Twitter post you’re actually taking up about double the amount of real estate as you would if you only shared a text only tweet. Attaching even a run-of the mill image to a Twitter post is something that organizers should do, simply because it means you’re post will be more prominent. If organizers can create a visually creative image (like the examples below) than even better.

Below, The Tribeca Film Festival shared a visually appealing tweet that highlighted a unique aspect of their April event. The marketing team behind the event went with a striking image, and clear text to communicate their message, and since the tweet was so well designed, it was liked and shared by their audience.

The New Yorker Festival also used visually appealing tweets, like the one below, to market their upcoming event. The tweet below features Reggie Watts, an event speaker/performer and a well-known entertainer. It comes as no surprise that Watts reteweeted the post to his 222,000 followers, thereby amplifying the event’s message.

Instagram: 1080×1080 pixels

Instagram is primarily used via an app on smartphones, though the platform is also accessible via desktop. Images that are uploaded to the platform must be in a square, which is why some smartphone makers, like Apple, actually allow you to take square images using your in-phone camera. Since all Instagram posts feature an image, it’s imperative that they be visually interesting. Use the examples below for some inspiration.

In anticipation of CTA Conference (a digital marketing event hosted by Unbounce) organizers created a fun live-action video and posted it on Instagram. The video encourages viewers to buy early-bird tickets before they close in three days.



In the example below, The Content Marketing Institute, creator of CMI World, chose to use a image from their previous event as a way of promoting an upcoming event. They smartly posted this “throw back” on a Thursday, allowing them to use the popular #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) hashtag to reach a wider audience. They also promoted their event hashtag in the post (#CMIWorld)


#tbt to our favorite time of year. 60 days until #CMWorld!

A photo posted by Content Marketing Institute (@cmicontent) on

Tools To Create Great Visuals

It doesn’t take an art director or graphic designer to put together a clean, powerful image for social media. When designing images for social media, think about the event brand you have created, and the message you are trying to convey. Ensure that color scheme, font, messaging and style are aligned with all that your event brand represents.

1. Coolors: Your new favorite tool for all things color! Coolors is a free, easy to use tool that helps your build color schemes. Simply click the space bar, and vóila! Your new 5-way color scheme is ready to go. It displays the color code and name, and allows you to adjust the brightness, saturation and hue.


2. UnsplashThe ultimate resource for free, high quality stock photos. Highly accessible and easy to use, Unsplash is one of the best websites for free stock photos. From nature to technology, they feature over 3,000,000 photos to choose from.



3. CanvaA great, accessible tool for creating banners and photo. Set customized dimensions or use templates to create images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Overlay filters, create change colors of photo and more with this expansive tool. Combine Unsplash and Canva to create a visually stunning images.

While it may sound like a no-brainer, many event organizers fail to capitalize on the the opportunity social media platforms present. By creating social media campaigns that feature great looking visuals, event organizers and marketers will be better able to reach target audiences.

For more information on how to build appropriate social media campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms, download our Social Media Bundle by clicking the button below!

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