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3 February 2022 

FinTech Conferences: The Best FinTech Events Guide

Bizzabo Blog Staff
Bizzabo Blog Staff
FinTech Conferences: The Best FinTech Events Guide

Ready to attend a fintech conference in 2022? These are the biggest and best events this year in the financial technology industry.

Did you know that the fintech industry has been around for more than 100 years? It’s true! In 1918, the US Federal Reserve Banks developed the Fedwire Funds Service, a real-time, gross settlements system. A couple of decades later, credit cards were created, then NASDAQ invented electronic trading another few decades later.

These days, the fintech industry is growing and changing faster than ever before. Fortunately, there are plenty of top-quality fintech and related SaaS events to educate attendees on the future of financial technology. Below, in no particular order, we list the biggest and best fintech events for 2022, along with reasons why you should attend each one.

1. Paris Fintech Forum

Paris Fintech Forum - Fintech Conferences

Date: Throughout 2022

Location: Paris, France

Learn more: parisfintechforum.com

The Paris Fintech Forum is one of the more significant events on this list featuring 2,700 attendees from 75 different countries, 300+ internationally known speakers, and more than 160 exhibitors. If you decide to attend this conference, you can expect to hear from the brightest minds in the fintech industry, participate in thematic workshops and network with other talented financial professionals.

Why you should attend: People attend the Paris Fintech Forum to learn cutting-edge information and view the latest financial technology. But the networking opportunities are excellent as well. Attendees have multiple options and spaces to meet, brainstorm, and network together.

2. Finovate Europe

Finovate Europe - Fintech Conferences

Date: March 22-23, 2022

Location: London, England

Learn more: informaconnect.com

Finovate Europe is a significant player in the fintech events scene. In 2019, the conference welcomed over 1,200 people, 120 speakers, and 65 demo-ers to learn and speak about important topics such as investech, payments, open banking, and AI. The 2020 gathering should be just as informative — maybe even more so!

Why you should attend: Fintech Europe has eliminated the “fluff” from its conference. They aren’t interested in wasting your time. Instead, they curate the best content and deliver it to you quickly. From bankers to venture capitalists, everyone can learn something valuable at Finovate Europe.

3. The Montgomery Summit

The Montgomery Summit - Fintech Conferences

Date: May 24-25, 2022

Location: Santa Monica, California

Learn more: montgomerysummit.com

The Montgomery Summit presented by March Capital brings entrepreneurs, investors, and leading executives together to learn and connect.

Why you should attend: The 19th annual summit will feature world-class keynote speakers, outdoor sessions, networking, industry tracks, one-on-one meetings, and more. The event is also known for hosting top-notch entertainment, with past gatherings including performances from Grammy award-winning musicians, as well as good eats from some of Southern California’s most popular food trucks.

4. Empire Fintech Conference

Empire Fintech Conference - Fintech ConferencesSource: Zafin

Date: April 19, 2022

Location: New York City, New York

Learn more: empirestartups.com/events/fintech-conference/

Those who attend the 2022 Empire Fintech Conference are in for a treat. More than 500 attendees will gather to hear from industry revolutionaries about breakthroughs in payments, blockchain, lending, wealth, insurtech, real estate, and more — everything the modern fintech professional needs to know. This year’s event also features 25-minute masterclasses with “FinTech jedis.”

Why you should attend: The Empire Fintech Conference provides valuable information to anyone in the financial technology industry, but it’s designed explicitly for fintech startups. If you own or work for an early-stage fintech company, you’ll also appreciate these best blockchain events.

the future outlook for hybrid events

5. Consensus 2020

Consensus 2021

Date: June 9-12, 2022

Location: Austin, Texas

Learn more: https://events.coindesk.com/consensus2022

Since 2015, Consensus by CoinDesk has been the conference for crypto and blockchain professionals. If you’re interested in these two areas of the fintech industry, then book your ticket for 2022 and plan to learn from Wall Street titans and Fortune 500 leaders, network with your peers, and participate in the annual hackathon.

Why you should attend: You’d be hard-pressed to find a better conference than Consensus for blockchain and cryptocurrency. The event secures the top speakers in the industry and allows attendees to meet and network with essential fintech professionals.

6. LendIt Fintech

LendIt Fintech - Fintech Conferences

Date: May 25-26, 2022

Location: New York City, New York

Learn more: www.lendit.com/usa/2022

With 10,000+ meetings and 250+ speakers, Lendit Fintech is the leading event for innovation in financial services in the USA.

Why You Should Attend: The learning opportunities at LendIt Fintech are virtually boundless, as are the networking possibilities. We also want to point out that this conference offers a unique “Women in Fintech” program to inspire and connect women in the field.

7. Fintech World Forum

Fintech World Forum - Fintech ConferencesSource: Into the Future

Date: May 23-24, 2022

Location: London, England

Learn more: https://fintechconferences.com

The Fintech World Forum features speakers and panelists from IBM, Barclays, Mastercard, and other leading companies in the fintech world. Keynotes address regulatory challenges, mobile banking, and app security, among other topics. 

Why You Should Attend: From key breakthroughs to networking, the Fintech World Forum offers endless opportunities to attendees. Keep a close eye on this one and score your 2022 tickets to experience 200 delegates and 25 speakers over two days.

8. American Banker: Digital Banking

American Banker conference

Date: June 13-15, 2022

Location: Austin, Texas

Learn more: https://conference.americanbanker.com/event/b91a9ec6-b294-4975-9730-3a1a1a50c504

American Banker’s Digital Banking conference is one of the largest digital banking events in the industry — and ideal for fintech pros who want more information on mobile, digital, AI, payments, and blockchain technologies.

Why you should attend: Digital Banking will provide 1,400+ banking professionals (comprising 70% senior executives) with exceptional content, live demos, and stimulating conversation about digital banking. We’re excited to see what the events team has in store for this year!

9. Fearless Investing Summit

Fearless Investing Summit

Date: October 19-22, 2022

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Learn more: fearless22.com

The Fearless Investing Summit is Riskalyze’s annual conference, where you can network with more than 700 investment professionals while discovering the latest developments in fintech. Get ready to be empowered and recharge in a stunning location. Get educated and evaluate new ideas and tools with world-class thought leaders.

Why you should attend: The Fearless Investing Summit has a 10:1 advisor-to-staff ratio and a 98.1% attendee satisfaction rate. With inspiring, world-class industry speakers, including Michael Kitces and Josh Brown, and sports legends like Billy Beane, Joe Theismann, and Bill Walton, this conference is an event you won’t want to miss.

10. MoneyLIVE Summit 2022

Digital Banking 2019 - Fintech Conferences

Date: March 28-29, 2022

Location: London, England

Learn more: https://marketforcelive.com/money-live/events/summit/

The MoneyLIVE Summit is all about (surprise!) digital banking. This MoneyLIVE event aims to push the boundaries of digital banking innovation by educating fintech companies on how AI, quantum computing, voice tech, chatbots, and more affect the fintech industry.

Why you should attend: The 2022 gathering will feature keynotes from executives at ING Bank, HSBC, and more. Also, the conference offers four different learning tracks so you can customize your event experience to your unique preferences.

11. FinTech Junction

FinTech JunctionSource: FinTech Junction

Date: March 23, 2022

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Learn more: fintechjunction.com

FinTech Junction is an international conference whose goal is to build the future of financial services. It’s also the only event on our list in the Middle East. Attendees will leave the conference with pages of notes and plenty of new connections.

Why you should attend: If the thought of joining 1,500 other fintech enthusiasts as they learn from highly sought-after speakers from companies like Google and TransferWise (on topics like funding startups, open banking, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and more) sounds like fun, then FinTech Junction is the perfect event for you.

12. FiNext Conference USA

FiNext Conference

Date: July 14-15, 2022

Location: San Francisco, California

Learn more: https://finextcon.com/

FiNext USA is a conference and award ceremony that brings together the brightest and most innovative minds in financial technology. Speaker lineups in previous years have included the VP of Mastercard, the director of corporate payments of Ripple, the COO of Fundbox, and more. 

Why you should attend: FiNext is geared explicitly toward fintech startups and features a pitch competition that allows new companies to showcase fresh ideas in front of investors. Attendees also have the chance to learn from the industry’s top minds and network with peers. Busy in July? You can attend a similar gathering in Dubai in December 2022.

13. MPC 2022: Mobile Payments Conference

Date: August 2022

Location: TBD

Learn more: https://mobilepaymentconference.com/

The Mobile Payments Conference (MPC) brings together the leading Fintech, Mobile Payments, and Digital Technology industries for three days of immersive learning and networking.

Why you should attend: MPC is the perfect event for executives working in banking, technology, government — any industry. If you want to learn more about mobile banking, payment technology, and security, attend MPC 2022.

14. AI in Finance Summit

AI in Finance Summit
(Stan Olszewski/SOSKIphoto)

Date: April 21-22, 2022

Location: New York City, New York

Learn more: https://www.re-work.co/events

The AI in Finance Summit will discuss AI trends and practical applications to fintech companies. With keynote speeches from leaders at JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, MasterCard, and more, the content at this RE-WORK conference (a well-known and respected name in the world of event promotion) is top-notch.

Why you should attend: AI in Finance is perfect for data professionals, financial regulators and analysts, c-suite executives, company founders, and venture capitalists. Attendees will hear from 90 world-class speakers, attend group brainstorming sessions and interactive workshops, and network with their peers.

15. The U.S. Fintech Symposium

U.S. Fintech Symposium

Date: May 3-4, 2022

Location: Orlando, Florida

Learn more: https://www.fintechsymposium.com

The U.S Fintech Symposium aims to answer practical questions that many professionals have. Questions like, “What realistic fintech solutions are on the market?” and “How will fintech change my career and business?” Want to know the answers? Attend the Symposium!

Why you should attend: The Symposium offers more than just educational speeches — attendees can also network and make career-boosting connections. The Symposium provides six formal networking sessions, as well as the opportunity to schedule meetings with product and service providers and more.

16. #FinCon22

FinCon 2022

Date: September 7-10, 2022

Location: Orlando, Florida

Learn more: https://finconexpo.com/fincon2022/

FinCon launched in 2011 as the Financial Blogger Conference but has expanded to include the digital content creators, influencers, and brands in the personal finance industry. Attendees can participate in panels and workshops about creating, promoting, and profiting from financial content.

Why you should attend: In its own words, FinCon helps “thousands reach millions with a positive money message.”

17. Money 20/20

Money 2020

Date: October 23-26, 2022

Location: Las Vegas

Learn more: https://us.money2020.com

Money 20/20 is where the payments, fintech, and financial Services ecosystems unite. It’s a large gathering that brings together thousands of attendees to network and learn from hundreds of well-known speakers from American Express, Paypal, IBM, and more.

Why you should attend: In 2021, 8,000+ attendees from 3,000+ companies attended Money 20/20. Wanting to provide the perfect event experience to its attendees, Money 20/20 asks its audience for ideas. If there’s something specific you want to see at the next Money 20/20 conference, let them know!

18. MoneyConf

MoneyConf - Fintech Conferences

Date: November 1-4, 2022

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Learn more: https://websummit.com/tracks/moneyconf

MoneyConf is part of Web Summit, an annual event that Forbes calls “the best technology conference on the planet.” We understand why. The mega-gathering features 20+ distinct conference tracks, one of which is MoneyConf. This event sits at the center of finance and technology and brings together the world’s leading banks, tech firms and fintech startups.

Why you should attend: Technology has changed the financial industry in radical ways. MoneyConf aims to keep attendees abreast of these changes through keynote speeches from top speakers, roundtable sessions, workshops, and more. Attendees get access to sessions covering crypto, NFTs, open banking, saving/spending/lending, cashless futures, and more.

19. FTT Lending 3.0

FTT Lending

Date: March 30, 2022

Location: London, England

Learn more: www.fintechtalents.com/ftt-lending-2022

FTT Lending 3.0 is the “ultimate event for the next generation of lenders, loan providers, fintechs, credit and capital allocators who are powering the future of lending.” Featuring two stages — Future of Lending and Power of Lending — this lending event includes 200+ financial institutions, 1,000+ meetings, 50+ hours of content, 100+ FinTechs, and so much more. 

Why you should attend: If you’re a dreamer or a doer passionate about the future of lending, then this is the event for you.

20. AIM Summit London Edition 2022

AIM Summit London

Date: May 16-17, 2022

Location: London, England

Learn more: https://www.aimsummit.com

Launched in 2015, AIM Summit is The Leading Alternative Investment Management Summit gathering and connecting regional investors and managers in the world of alternatives (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Private Debt, Digital Assets, FinTech) with global industry leaders.

AIM Summit is a platform for discussions on investment developments, global market conditions, latest trends and acts as a networking forum for future business opportunities. The only conference of its nature and magnitude organized and orchestrated by the industry in an intimate setup to induce real discussions on the best practices and know-how.

Why you should attend: This edition of the AIM Summit will focus on post-pandemic market recovery, investment trends, and the future of crypto.

21. Banking and Insurance Transformation Summits

banking transformation summit



  • Banking Transformation Summit: June 29, 2022 in London, England
  • Banking Transformation Summit Europe: October 20, 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Insurance Transformation Summit: November 17, 2022 in London, England

Learn more:

Join industry-leading speakers to discuss the internal and external factors disrupting banking and insurance. No matter where you are on your transformation journey, the Banking Transformation Summit and Insurance Transformation Summit provide inspiration and confidence for your next steps.

Why you should attend: Take a deep dive into banking topics and get answers to the most pressing industry questions with keynotes, fireside chats, themed panel sessions, and more.

22. Reuters Events: Commodities Trading USA 2022

Date: June 7-8, 2022

Location: Houston, Texas

Learn more: https://events.reutersevents.com/finance/commodities-trading-usa

Reuters Events: Commodities Trading USA 2022 will unite 250+ industry leaders, including trading houses, investors, producers, traders, buyers, and policymakers, to keep pace with these seismic shifts and remain profitable in this volatile commodities market.

Why you should attend: Celebrating “No more Zoom doom,” this event features private workshops, issue-based roundtables, networking, exclusive receptions, executive meetings, and so much more.

Make 2022 Awesome by Attending the Best FinTech Events

There are a ton of tech events happening in 2022. One of the conferences listed above will teach you precisely what you need to know, whether you want to learn more about open and mobile banking, AI in the financial industry, blockchain technology, or any other important fintech topic. And if you’re an event planner looking to host a fintech conference of your own, consider using event software to bring your vision to life.

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