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21 January 2016 

Bizzabo Study Reveals Future Trends and Best Practices

Tom Shelly

The events industry is ever-changing! Check out the 9 biggest event trends of 2017 for more updated information.

Bizzabo unveiled The “Event Professionals of Tomorrow” Survey revealing that 85% of event planners see email marketing as the key marketing tool, attendee satisfaction is the most significant indicator for event success and more than half of event planners spending less than 10% of their budgets on event technology. The study sought to gather information regarding event planning best practices through direct insights from event professionals. The company has joined forces with award winning industry leaders such as: Bizbash, Catchbox, Glisser, CrowdMics, Eventopedia and TechsyTalk to reach higher coverage and greater results to directly empower the event planners community.




Stay up-to-date and learn the biggest event trends of 2017! Click the button below to grab a complimentery copy of the ebook!


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