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Bizzabo research | 28 January 2019

80% Of Attendees At Crypto-Focused Events Are Male

Shivina Kumar

We analyzed speakers and registrants at 100 cryptocurrency events across 15 countries. The findings show that crypto events have a long road ahead toward gender inclusion. Here’s the full story.

Through its ups and downs, cryptocurrency has been a subject of great interest in the finance and tech space for quite some time. This new and exciting form of currency has industry professionals digging for more information and insights from experts in the crypto space at industry events and conferences.

At Bizzabo, we are seeing more crypto clients sign on as they are planning their next big event. With this in mind, we took a look at more than 100 crypto events across 15 countries and discovered that the majority of speakers at these conferences were male.

While this finding might not be a surprise to many of our readers, we think it’s important to highlight just how wide this disparity is.

The study revealed that more than three quarters (79%) of attendees were male, while only one quarter (21%) were female. In November, we released the Gender Diversity & Inclusion in Events Report and found that 70 percent of all event speakers are also male.

Only 21% of registrants at crypto events identified as female

“Like the tech industry, at large, there is a lack of gender diversity in the overall virtual currencies space,” said Alon Alroy, Co-founder & Chief of Customer Success at Bizzabo. “We’re seeing that reflected in the attendance for these events, as well as the speakers. One cryptocurrency conference recently featured 84 men onstage and three women. That has to change.”

Forty-five percent of the registrants and attendees studied came from the United States, making the U.S. the leader in number of attendees and registrants for these types of events. Great Britain came in behind the U.S. at 28 percent, followed by Belgium at five percent and Canada at three percent, respectively.

The U.S. accounts for most cryptocurrency event registrants

Employees working in the finance sector drove nearly 60 percent (57%) of all registrations for crypto events. Meanwhile, the technology sector accounted for 37 percent of all attendees. Management consulting rounded out the rest of the registrants with just six percent.

Most cryptocurrency registrants identify as working in the Financial Services industry

“The lack of gender diversity in attendees speaks to the industries most of the registrants come from,” added Alroy. “The financial services and technology sectors have all struggled with inclusion and that has a cascading impact on the gender mix at these events.”

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