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22 May 2014 

13 Empowering Conferences No Woman Should Miss

Stephanie Brenner
13 Empowering Conferences No Woman Should Miss
After writing The 100 Most-Wanted Speakers at Tech Conferences, it brought to light some very relevant issues not only in the tech community, but throughout many industries.
In the tech industry and in other major industries, women are not in positions of leadership at the numbers that they should be. In light of this, we put together a list of annual conferences that women across all industries should attend. These are all annual conferences in which women work together to highlight the issues and inequalities of today and discuss the solutions of tomorrow (or right now!). These events are full of inspirational, ground-breaking, courageous, and motivated women. Enjoy!

UPDATE: We really think you’ll enjoy the events that we’ve collected here, but for a more recent list, check out our Ultimate Directory for Women in Technology Conferences.

Be Your Own Hero ConferenceBringing together like-minded female entrepreneurs to discuss the obstacles that all too often stand in the way of success, and how to overcome them. Passion, leadership, and action are the three themes of this event, which will ultimately lead you to hero status! YetiZen and Girls in Tech really know how to throw an event!

S.H.E Summit: According to the S.H.E conference participants, Feminism is the new innovation, and this is a place you’ll find plenty of both! Celebrate the aspirations and achievement of women all over the world at this summit!

Inc. Women’s Summit: Be inspired, empowered, and equipped with valuable tactics to transform your business by attending Inc. Women’s Summit. Listen to the experiences of some of the most powerful and influential entrepreneurs while connecting with other like-minded women.

Womancon: The self-proclaimed women’s entrepreneur summit lives up to their word! Female entrepreneurs are present on and off the stage, making it an excellent platform for inspiration, advice, and networking. If you like what you’ve read, grab a ticket!

WEN Women’s Conference: WEN, standing for the Women’s Empowerment Network, brings you just that, an empowering and inspiring opportunity to hear from nationally recognized leaders and progressive panelists.  If you are looking to grow personally, professionally, and even spiritually, this is the conference for you!

The Conference for Women: Hitting cities in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Massachusetts, there shouldn’t be an excuse to miss one of these conferences. Here you’ll find great networking and learning opportunities for women in any industry. Amongst some of the largest female conferences around, it is worth checking out!

TED WomenTed Women events take place all over the country, but the 2013 event was one to be remembered. Celebrating the spirit of innovation from Silicon Valley, this conference is on the top of our minds. The speaker list is extensive, from global leaders, to designers, to top executives in their respective spheres. Every contributor has a unique perspective to share. You’ll be laughing, crying, and inspiring each other all in one day. Look out for Ted Women conferences in your nearest city.

Makers Conference: Tackling some of the largest women’s rights issues in the 21st century, the lineup for this event is truly remarkable. Talk about inspiring-Gloria Steinem was in attendance, accompanied by other influential women like Sheryl Sandberg and Gabby Giffords, to name a few. If you can make it to this conference, it will be a life-changing experience.  

Women 2.0With the era of BIG tech alive and growing, this is a conference that is pioneering into areas unexplored by many other conferences. Surging with energy during panels, keynotes, and in-depth discussions to address some of the most pressing issues in tech today, you can’t miss this event. See all you fellow techies there!

Lesbians Who TechGet geeky with some tech ladies! Two underrepresented communities are brought together in the heart of the technology industry – San Francisco. This conference will be highlighting the next generation of leaders in the tech space and other renowned professionals in the field. Come queer, straight, male, female, any or all of the above!

Thrive: The Huffington post’s very own Arianna Huffington started one badass conference featuring some equally accomplished women. Redefine success and gain a new perspective on life by attending Thrive. It’s a must-attend in our book.

Women in the World Summit: This huge conference draws female speakers and attendees from all over the globe. The conference hall is described as “pulsing” with stories of courage and determination by leaders from all corners of the world. Gaining insights into the struggles that women face day to day is very humbling, as well as inspiring. This is a remarkable event that you’ll be sad to miss.

Forbes Women’s SummitForbes’ mission with this annual conference is to redefine power. All the women featured in this event have effectuated change in BIG ways, and they’ve come to explain the mindsets and tools it took for them to do it. It should definitely be on your list.

These conferences attract participants who are all empowering leaders in their own right- whether they are a speaker, organizer or attendee. We highly suggest attending these if you have the chance. If you’re an event organizer and want to have your awesome event featured on Bizzabo (for free) just click the button below.

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