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Doubling Revenue and Elevating Attendee Satisfaction
At She Leads Conference

About their event

Main point of contact

Zoya Patel- Senior Communications Manager


YWCA Canberra


Canberra, Australia


Non Profit

Favorite features

Online Registration, Auto Reports, Website Editor

Number of events per year


Types of events they plan

Leadership Conferences

The purpose of this conference is to empower women and provide them with the skills and confidence to self-identify as leaders.” With these words, Zoya Patel and her team launched the 5th annual She Leads Conference in Canberra, Australia. To achieve such an ambitious goal, the YWCA knew they needed the right systems in place to offer the key insights that were crucial for creating stellar event content. Given their objective, they knew the main factor would be how much the content resonated with the audience. Thus, having an efficient event planning process backed by data-driven decision-making was crucial for achieving their overarching mission of inspiring their attendees.

“Bizzabo helped us create a seamless registration flow and track key metrics, keeping all event data in one place. It's been a huge help!” 


Empower women to self identify as leaders through an exceptional conference experience. 


Jessica and her team were not able to draw enough insightful data from their manual registration process. They knew too little about their attendees and were having trouble crafting valuable event content. The lack of data-driven insights and streamlined processes were making it difficult for the team to make the right decisions that would lead them to inspiring these women to self-identify as leaders. 


Prior to using Bizzabo, the She Leads team relied on different forms of unintegrated software to achieve their event goals. This fragemented approach prevented them from understanding the event from a high level view, making it difficult to curate the right event content that would resonate with attendees. They were in need of the right event management solution to significantly streamline processes and draw key insights from previous event data. 


“Bizzabo has made our lives so much easier. We're able to build upon the success of each event, year over year.”

Zoya Patel, Senior Communications Manager



Bizzabo’s revenue and registration reports kept the team on pace with their main objectives as well as provided key insights that assisted with optimization. The insights were crucial to tailoring an exceptional event experience for attendees. Additionally, Bizzabo’s powerful website builder allowed the team to design a beautiful website with valuable content that resonated with their target audience, persuading them to register for the conference upon visiting the site.   

By providing powerful reporting and management tools, Bizzabo empowered YWCA to craft an amazing event experience that inspired their attendees. By the end of the 3-day conference, 91% of attendees said they would highly recommend the event to others. These qualitative achievements were directly related to the 212% revenue increase compared to the previous year’s event. By using Bizzabo’s robust and data-driven platform, the She Leads Conference achieved their ultimate objective of igniting the fire of leadership within their attendees.