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Hung Pham - Founder


Culture Summit


San Francisco, CA



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Ticket boost and event community

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Types of events they plan

Annual conference, webinars, community meetups

It’s a no-brainer; culture plays a key role in ensuring long-term company success. However, executing upon that idea is not as simple. How can company leadership create a culture that motivates, delights, and gives meaning to their employees? This was the question Hung Pham posed to himself after feeling uninspired at his own workplace. The answer he found came in the form of a highly energized and impactful conference dedicated to culture.

In just three years, the Culture Summit has become one of the premiere conferences on culture, offering solutions that are not only actionable but scalable. Given Bizzabo’s own commitment to creating outstanding company culture, we were excited to bring on the Culture Summit as a client and assist them in striving for a mission that we were equally as passionate about.

After switching to Bizzabo in 2017, the Culture Summit’s first month ticket sales skyrocketed by 600%.

Previously, the Culture Summit team was bouncing in and out of multiple platforms to manage their event. Using a variety of separate tools such as Wordpress, Eventbrite, and Mailchimp made it difficult for the team to digest their data in a clear, comprehensible way. By switching to Bizzabo, they were hoping to streamline processes and become more efficient through an all-in-one platform.

Using Bizzabo as their all-in-one event management software was crucial in not only achieving specific KPI’s but also embracing a holistic approach to event management. The Culture Summit began to see dramatic shifts in their performance as early as the first few weeks.

Bizzabo’s referral tool, Ticket Boost, played a key role in increasing revenue. This feature helped generate online buzz about the event that carried throughout the attendees’ various social media channels.  In addition to increasing sales, the Bizzabo platform’s in-depth analytics allowed the Culture Summit team to draw key insights for their decision-making process.

“Thanks to Bizzabo’s analytics dashboard, we were able to make better decisions in our marketing spend and have already saved 20% compared to last year’s figures." 

Hung Pham - Founder

culture summit
culture summit

One of the Culture Summit’s biggest wins was securing their first platinum sponsor. Bizzabo’s sponsorship package offers valuable exposure for potential partners and Hung proudly states, “We closed a lucrative sponsorship deal because we included the first spot on the app sponsor flash page as part of the offering”. This deal was a big win for the conference and they are confident that Bizzabo’s sponsorship package will be helpful in bringing in future sponsorships.

Bizzabo’s platform has consistently created additional value for the Culture Summit in the months leading up to the conference. Combining the Culture Summit’s undeniable passion and Bizzabo’s unparalleled capabilities, the August conference is sure to be one of the best conferences on company culture.