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Case Study HubWeek - Hackathon


How HubWeek Scaled Their Events Using Bizzabo

About their event

Main point of contact

Ryan Walsh, Head of Operations

Olivia (D’Angelo) Loycano, Senior Marketing Strategist




Boston, MA



Favorite features

Holistic event marketing solution, registration tool, agenda tool

Number of events per year


Types of events they plan

HubWeek Fall Festival




HubWeek is a nonprofit dedicated to one purpose: to build a better future. Originally founded in 2014 by the Boston Globe, Harvard University, MIT, and Massachusetts General Hospital, the HubWeek team devotes time and energy into building a vibrant community of Boston-native thought leaders to drive innovation and accelerate impact across the arts, science, and technology.

“Having everything in one place unlocks a ton of potential for the organization in terms of efficiency, in terms of operating more at scale, and in terms of all our different systems talking to each other.”

HubWeek Case Study - Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh

Head of Operations


To showcase and celebrate Boston’s innovators and thinkers. HubWeek’s hyper-local events culminate in their annual Fall Festival in early October. The three-day innovation-focused event is packed with inspirational speakers, breakout sessions, and activations to spark new ideas and serendipitous connections between attendees and speakers. To deliver a community-focused event, HubWeek focuses on designing smaller, more focused, and higher quality event experiences for their audience.


In the past, HubWeek used numerous event management systems for different aspects of their event operations. Working with siloed data caused operational friction and gave a limited view into their event performance. 

As Ryan Walsh, Head of Operations recalls: “In our previous ad hoc solutions, comparing the information was very difficult.”


To gain operational efficiencies and better visibility into events, the HubWeek team needed a solution that could capture the entire attendee journey from registration all the way to the post-event survey. The biggest gains would come from a holistic solution that delivered operational efficiency and hosted all their event data in one place.

“Before we implemented Bizzabo we used different event management tools for different aspects of our events,” Olivia Loycano, Senior Marketing Strategist said.  

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Bizzabo has really allowed us to take all of the details and data around our event and have it in one platform.

HubWeek Case Study - Olivia Loycano

Olivia Loycano

Senior Marketing Strategist

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With an all-in-one solution, HubWeek could finally gain clarity in their event data. Access to Bizzabo’s contact management and analytics tools provided the foundational resources for organizing, tracking, and measuring key metrics. 

“Bizzabo helped us understand what data is useful to have so that we could make good business decisions. They also showed us how we can use the data that’s available to us to guide our goals and inform our strategy for future events,” Olivia said.

In addition to quantitative data like registrants and attendees, HubWeek leveraged Bizzabo’s event survey tool to capture rich qualitative feedback from their attendees.  

“In order to measure that people had a really amazing time at the festival, we typically use post-event surveys,” Olivia said.

Using Bizzabo’s survey tool, HubWeek could create rich feedback forms to visualize the attendee journey and pinpoint areas for improvement.

“We send out a survey after the festival and ask a bunch of questions that include anything from did you learn something new, how was registration, which sessions were your favorite, what was the most amazing experience that you had at the festival, and so much more,” Olivia said.

With a large swath of quantitative and qualitative data at their fingertips, the HubWeek team could make actionable decisions for future events.

Case Study HubWeek - Event Metrics


The way HubWeek creates an engaged and thriving community is through captivating events and activations. A must-have feature to power their event strategy was customizable registration and ticketing options. “Our event this year is very different from the event we held last year. We used Bizzabo both years and it has been a great platform for both events,” Olivia said.

Accommodating multiple ticket types allowed HubWeek to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences to event attendees.

HubWeek’s brand identity needed to translate in a seamlessly designed agenda that could elevate the event experience. Bizzabo was able to deliver an easy-to-use agenda tool that didn’t require developer resources or technical skills. 

“My favorite feature of the Bizzabo platform is the agenda builder,” Olivia said. “The platform is super streamlined and simple. And I also really loved that we were able to take the Bizzabo agenda widget and embed it in our own website. This enabled one web experience for our customers.”

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