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Drift - Case Study




Main point of contact

Janna Erickson — Director of Events






Boston, MA



Favorite features

Email, Registration, Ticket Boost, Event Dashboard, Bizzabo App

Number of events per year


Types of events they plan

HYPERGROWTH – User Conferences

Drift is a conversational marketing SaaS company founded in 2014. When their flagship user conference, HYPERGROWTH, first launched in 2017 it drew 800 attendees. Two years later, the team hosted HYPERGROWTH events in London, Boston, and San Francisco with over 10,000 attendees present. In 2020, the team plans to keep the momentum and expand their flagship one-day event into a two-day conference. Essential to this plan is having the right event technology.

Bizzabo just made the most sense when growing our event program. All the functionality gave me a lot of time back and saved my team a lot of time.”


Janna Erickson

Director of Events


The goal of HYPERGROWTH is to bring people together, build a community around conversational marketing, and spread brand awareness for the Drift brand.


Janna Erickson manages a small team in-house and an agency partner, EMC3, to scale up event programming. With a fast-growing event program, they encountered a few growing pains:

  • With previous vendors, Drift had limited platform functionality when creating large scale events and struggled to integrate event data with their CRM.
  • Building event promotion plans were often time-consuming, especially when driving new ticket registrations.
  • To scale their events, Janna’s team needed a platform that could drive more efficiencies to save time as they planned and executed a multi-event program across the globe.


To meet ambitious event goals, Drift required a holistic event platform that could help the team increase operational efficiency without adding additional headcount. Bizzabo offered key features like the registration builder, email features, ticket boost, and dashboard analytics to help the team accelerate operations without compromising the brand’s unique look and feel.

As the HYPERGROWTH events grew to attract more and more attendees, Drift was able to deliver a seamless registration process with an embedded widget. In Janna's words: “Bizzabo is a cleaner process. The registration gave visibility into important data and integrated with our existing event website.”

Building a strong community around HYPERGROWTH was critical to long-term event and revenue growth. Bizzabo’s event contacts and email features empowered Drift to create targeted communications and encourage registrants to spread the word about their events. “The ability to engage contacts who were already registered was a huge help with promoting our event because we could continuously incentivize them to invite and bring other people.”

In the past, driving event registrations could take a lot of time and effort. Drift strategically leveraged Bizzabo’s Ticket Boost feature as a new tactic in their promotional strategy. “The ticket boost feature was great. I could see registrants on social media sharing their personal discount codes and spreading the word.”

The usability of the Bizzabo platform coupled with excellent customer service helped Drift thrive even at the eleventh hour. Janna remembers a critical moment when her team was in the midst of producing a live event in San Francisco. She needed to quickly launch another event website using Bizzabo. “I couldn't believe how easy it was to duplicate an event website while my team was busy running an event. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I did it!’”

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“The Bizzabo dashboard is so clean and consistent—it actually saved time. In my previous role, I actually built a dashboard in Salesforce so that we could see event data. Now, I don't need to. I can just create a screenshot in Bizzabo and shoot that out to the teams, which saved us a lot of time.”

Drift Janna Erickson - Case Study

Janna Erickson

Director of Events

Case Study - Drift
DRIFT HYPERGROWTH Conference - Case Study
Drift scales HYPERGROWTH - Case Study
Drift HYPERGROWTH - Case Study


In 2019, Drift saw tangible results from choosing Bizzabo as the platform for scaling their event program.


Drift saw a big impact on their registration goals by using Bizzabo’s promo code feature. The team created 2,860 promo codes and attributed $46,700 in total revenue from those codes for their London and San Francisco HYPERGROWTH events combined.


As Drift increased the velocity of event production, Bizzabo was able to decrease the amount of time needed to get an event off the ground. In 2019, Bizzabo helped the team save 5-10 hours per week, helping to bring three large HYPERGROWTH events to life.

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