The event management platform you’ve been dreaming of

Simplify the way you manage your entire event portfolio so you can build and execute events with ease.

The organizer “command center” is where event experience leaders go to manage their entire event. Use event management software to track the metrics that matter.

What’s in it for you?

Manage at scale with streamlined operations

Collaborate across stakeholder groups

Simplified workflow with responsive updating

All the data you want, one source of truth

Management made simple

Access our central command center

Synthesize your event data into one central hub. Analyze cross-event insights at the account and event level. Set up integrations and payment processors in just a few clicks.

Scale your event strategy with ease

Whether you host 5 or 5,000 events a year, use website, email, and report templates to run events at scale following the same playbook.

Customize management access and permissions

Set specific event permissions for each role on your team, from admins to event leaders.

Segment your contacts

Record attendee details to track their interactions with your event. Segment your audience by ticket type, by attribute, and more.

Ready to host better events?