Internal training and sales kickoffs

Transform internal events into unforgettable, high-impact gatherings

Boost employee retention, elevate company culture, and support business objectives with Bizzabo’s secure event management software.

Boost employee happiness and retention

Transform internal meetings into meaningful experiences that boost team retention, happiness, and alignment. With Bizzabo’s all-in-one event management software, you can do more with deep insights into the impact of your internal training and professional development events.

Host a sales kickoff unlike any other

Ensure your sales kickoff motivates, educates, and inspires your sales team by delivering meaningful, personalized experiences. Bizzabo’s event software is built for planning and executing memorable virtual, in-person, or hybrid SKOs that rev up your sales engine. Leverage engagement and success metrics to prove ROI and deliver more impactful future internal events.

Ensure internal events stay internal — and secure

Keep your internal events secure with single sign-on (SSO) for organizers and attendees. Event organizers can set access and management permissions for events on the Bizzabo platform based on internal access and security policies. Organizers can also securely gate internal events to ensure they’re only accessible by approved internal users at your organization.

How Compass Gained Deep Insights with Bizzabo’s Onsite Solution

Learn how real estate powerhouse Compass was able to level up its retreat game with deep insights and streamlined onsite services from Bizzabo.

The Sales Kickoff Event Production Kit

Get the tools and templates the Bizzabo team uses and start executing high-impact sales kickoffs your employees will rave about.

Guide To Planning the Best Hybrid and Virtual Corporate Events

If you’re wondering how to boost morale and retain more employees, hybrid and virtual corporate events could be your answer.

5 Must-haves for a Quota-crushing Sales Kickoff

Want to reimagine your sales kickoff? Watch this webinar on-demand for fresh and powerful ideas to elevate your next internal event.

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You could plan your event using a registration tool, an onsite solution, a webinar builder, a networking tool, a data insights compiler, a video production crew, a website creator, a venue mapping app, a sponsorship management platform, a bottle of tequila, and a partridge in a pear tree — or you could build every event with Bizzabo.

The tipping point for us was the amount of data we could collect with Bizzabo — queuing up feedback surveys every day immediately after the event and having it come simultaneously through the platform we were already familiar using.”
Stephanie Militello
Lead, Growth Product Marketing and National Events

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