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Event Registration Software Platform

What to Know When Choosing an Event Registration Platform

What Is Event Registration Software?

Event promoters, marketers and organizers often ignore their event registration software. Organizers assume that driving event attendees to the registration page is enough. Unfortunately, this assumption is wrong, and it’s a costly error for an event planner to make. According to the Baymard Institute, between 60-80% of website visitors will not complete their online registration.

As an event organizer interested in increasing event registrations, it’s your job to reduce the number of people who don’t complete the registration process. To do that, you’ll need a tool that’s easy and even enjoyable for attendees to use, that provides you with metrics to understand what is helping to drive registrations, while giving you control of registration branding.

Some event software platforms are even designed to encourage registrants to share your event with their friends and colleagues. Promotional and event marketing tools built into the event registration experience can help organizers to better promote the event, which means increased registrants and revenue.

What is event registration software? It’s one of the most important aspects of event planning in 2017. Organizers who select an outdated platform are making an error in judgment that will cost them lost event registrants, and for those charging attendees, thousands in lost revenue.

How an All-In-One Platform Can Increase Registrations

Event registration is one aspect of an entire list of other digital challenges the modern event organizer must confront. From emailing event attendees to providing guests with an event networking platform, to monitoring social media, and building a great looking event website.

The best solution for organizers is one that can do all of these things in one place. Using an all-in-one event management solution means that organizers can see all of the data that’s important to them in a single dashboard. It also means that organizers and their team only need to get comfortable using one platform.

The All-in-one Event Registration Software

Bizzabo’s all-in-one event planning platform incorporates event registration into a complete solution. Event organizers can build an event website, set up registrations, and then manage all of their contacts who registered for the event in the same system. Then organizers can email those registrants using a built-in emailing platform. They can also provide those registrants with an award winning event networking platform and event app, and they can even monitor the health of their overall event from ticketing revenue to attendee engagement. Bizzabo’s event planning platform provides users with an amazing event registration software experience and much more.

Features That Work For You:

Increasing event registrations or ticketing revenue might seem challenging. That’s why Bizzabo includes a suite of tools designed to help you create more successful and profitable events.

Fully Customizable Branding

Why drive event attendees to a third-party event registration site? Or use a registration platform that won’t let you use your brand colors?

Bizzabo’s online registration software is designed to meet the exacting standards of event organizers who want to provide a consistent experience to attendees. With Bizzabo, you can display your event logo, and colors through the entire event registration experience, and send a confirmation email to attendees that also fits your brand. Consider Github's event website

Event registration software that empoweres you to create branded event website

Driving event attendees to a third party website has been shown to decrease conversions, so keeping the event registration process consistent and in one place isn’t just a good thing from a marketing perspective, it will also help to increase your conversion rate by ensuring that more people complete the event registration process.

Social Media Integration

Bizzabo’s online event registration incorporates social media into the event registration process to encourage event attendees to share your event with others on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. While this feature can be turned off for private events, most organizers have found social media integration helps to drive more people to their event registration page. More qualified visitors have directly resulted in thousands of dollars in new found ticketing revenue.

Ticket Boost

Bizzabo’s unique “Ticket Boost” tool is a single or double sided discounting system that allows you to reward event attendees who refer their friends to your event. As the organizer, you can choose to provide either one or both people with a percentage or fixed discount for each new person they refer to your event.

Ticket Boost in action

Other industries have successfully implemented this kind of referral system to drive incredible growth. Cloud storage company Dropbox, ridesharing app, Uber, and home rental website, Airbnb, have all used some sort of referral program to turn current customers into evangelists.

Thanks to Bizzabo, you’ll have the power to use Ticket Boost to dramatically increase event brand awareness, event website traffic and ultimately, registrations.

Hot Leads

Regardless of the events you’re planning, not everyone who begins the event registration process will complete it. Typically, event organizers have no way of knowing who those people are. But with “Hot Leads” you have the ability to email these potential attendees to bring them back to your event.

As a result event planners who use Hot Leads average more event attendees than those who do not. Considering that about 70% of all online purchases are abandoned, Hot Leads is a much-needed tool for event planners hoping to attract more attendees to an event. For event planners with paid registrations, Hot Leads is a tool that can dramatically increase registration revenue by recovering otherwise lost registrations.

Attendee Engagement

Your events will succeed when your attendees have an enriching and engaging experience. Today, it is not enough to simply hand attendees a paper agenda and hope for the best. Your attendees want to take part in the event, not simply attend.

Bizzabo’s branded event app gives your attendees a voice with real-time polling and surveys. With the event app, your attendees can also network with one another, post to social media, view the event agenda and much, much more. Plus, because the event app is part of an integrated system, you will have access to valuable analytics about your attendees and what resonates with them the most.

Powerful Contact Management and Email Marketing to Engage Contacts

Since Bizzabo is an all-in-one event planning platform, event organizers have the power to securely store data about event registrants in the platform. That means that as an organizer, you have the ability to:

  • See attendee demographic information
  • Create Smart Lists of attendees based on the registration questions you set
  • Target attendees, speakers, sponsors, and other stakeholders via email, automated workflows and push notifications.

A powerful contacts management tool that’s paired with an easy to use email platform means that event organizers don’t have to worry about exporting and importing lists. Instead, all of the contacts are in one platform, so sending an email to a group of registrants or a single person is simple to do.

This means event organizers can better engage attendees. Want to only email your attendees who are in the c-suite? With Bizzabo you can create a Smart List and send a targeted email specifically to c-suite guests.

Want to manage all of your event speakers? With Bizzabo you can create a custom event registration experience for your speakers. Collect all of their presentations, headshots and bios, and then email them a thank you note all within the same platform - that’s the beauty of using event registration software that’s integrated into an all-in-one platform.

Insightful Reporting to Help You Monitor Your Progress

The saying “What gets measured gets improved,” is certainly true when it comes to event planning. Thanks to Bizzabo’s event management software, event organizers have access to beautifully visualized data related to event registration.

With registration goals, you can set the number of event registrants you hope to gain in a set period of time, and compare that goal to your real-time registration performance. For organizers with paid registrations, you have the ability to set a revenue goal that you hope to reach in a set period of time, and can compare your actual event registration performance to that goal.

An event registration software tracking and analytics dashboard

The Bizzabo goal setting tool not only provides organizers with access to event registration data, it also presents this data through beautiful graphs, making it easier for everyone involved to understand how your event is performing.

Bizzabo is designed to empower event organizers, and as such, organizers have the ability to dive into the demographic information of anyone in your contact database. See where the majority of your event attendees are from, what jobs they hold, their interests and more. This sort of information can help event organizers to plan an event that better engages the all attendees. It can also be used to provide event sponsors or exhibitors with detailed information about who is in attendance.

Loved By Thousands of Event Organizers Like You

Professional event organizers of all stripes love Bizzabo’s event registration tools and the flexibility that comes with an all-in-one event planning platform. To learn more about how you and Bizzabo can drive event registrations together, fill out the form below.


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