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Real Time Polling And Surveys

Get your audience engaged while collecting valuable event data with custom polls and surveys.

Let's do it!
Instant Feedback

Bizzabo’s poll and surveys tally responses instantly so you can stay informed and see responses by the minute. Votes can be accepted via your event app, website, SMS, and even without installing the app.

Full Customization

Create polls and surveys that suit your needs perfectly- select from a variety of question types to get at the heart of what you really want to know!

Keep Your Attendees Engaged

Your audience wants their voice to be heard- so give them a tool that lets them! From feedback on the event venue to questions asked by a speaker during a live session, real-time polling keeps your audience involved.

Collect Valuable Data

What better way to find out what your attendees think of your event than by asking them directly? Collect data that will help you understand the success of your event and make your next one even better!