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Engaged Networking Community

Seriously up your event’s ROI with a sleek and user-friendly mobile and networking platform.

Let's do it!
Accessible To All

Smartphone? Tablet? Laptop? Almost any device can access Bizzabo’s networking platform, ensuring all attendees have the chance to join in the conversation!

One-on-One Messaging

Give attendees the opportunity connect with potential business contacts and set up meetings that will help them make the most of their time at your event or conference. Private, direct messaging can turn any virtual contact into a real live business connection.

Social Integration

Watch your event’s networking community grow as attendees spread the word on their social networks thanks to Bizzabo’s easy (and still optional!) social integration with LinkedIn, as well as Twitter and Facebook.

Tested, Tried, and True

Our networking platform has been successfully used at over 4,500 events, so you know it really works.