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Get Full Visibility With An Event Dashboard

This is your event command center, see and be in control of your analytics and valuable event data because, Houston, we will not have a problem.

Let's do it!
Step back and see the big picture

Get a stronger idea of your event’s success with an event dashboard that instantly informs you of registrations completed, revenue, attendees in your networking community and (much, much) more!

All of your analytics in one place

Stop gathering data from multiple platforms! Your event dashboard has all of your data in one place. That way, teams will always know what is and isn't contributing to event success.

See Trends In Real Time

Bizzabo is a platform for all of your events, that means all of your past event analytics are available to help you understand multi-event performance trends.

Bring Your Event to Life With Slack

As an event organizer, we know internal communication is a must. Connect your Bizzabo account to Slack and see all of your event activity on a designated Slack channel in real time!