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Customer Story

How Franchise Update Media and Property Fortress streamlined their attendees communication with Bizzabo

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Franchise Update Media

Franchise Update Media, a global leader in providing franchising audience intelligence and market driven data, curates 4 main conferences a year with a number of attendees that ranges from 500 to 1,500 attendees. The conferences focus on bringing franchises experts together to discuss main trends, develop skills, help identify ideas and more. Ticket prices range from $595 to $995 depending on the registration time and the ticket type. Kathryn Geller, the Marketing Communication Manager recognized the need to streamline the communication with attendees process. In the past, the company used one software for communication and one for event management which made the planning process unproductive and long.

Their Solution

Once onboarded to Bizzabo, Franchise Update Media gradually shifted their event communication to Bizzabo, allowing the team to save valuable time and money. The team recognized the value of having an event contacts management system which aggregates all the information about the registrants and allows the organizer to use it in many different ways. Bizzabo’s email communication tool allows the event organizer to send emails to any segment of audience created through the smart lists. The emails design is easily customized and allows for rich text, image or videos to be embedded within. In addition, placing personalized attributes to the email subject line and body is possible and highly recommended.

Achieving Success With Bizzabo

The team uses Bizzabo’s communication tool to engage with attendees from the moment they register to the event all the way to the event date. Thanks to the use of personalization in the subject line they are able to reach a minimum 50% open rate (way above the industry standard). Franchise Media found the use of videos in emails to be very impactful in increasing the click through rates and is able to reach a minimum of 21%. The different campaign they create vary from: driving adoption of the networking app to creating excitement around the event’s agenda, to proving helpful information surrounding event accommodation.

The Story of Property Fortress

John Corey, the Founder of Property Fortress which holds more than a dozen real estate meetups a year shares his personal experience from using Bizzabo’s email communication: “emails is the sole tool I use to announce a new event is coming up and to drive ticket sales”. John describes how using Bizzabo helped him extremely increase his productivity: “I don’t need to extract and import lists anymore… the email builder is very user friendly and so setting new emails up is a quick process”. The Bizzabo email tool comes with templates you can easily use for promoting your event, inviting attendees to download the event app or sharing event updates and important information. Corey admits he uses the templates almost to the fullest, only making small adjustments to the email content.