We’re all on the same events team

We’re here to deliver an experience that exceeds your needs and we do it by working together. With the combination of design services, implementation strategy, deep training and broad product expertise, we make sure you get the best value out of Bizzabo.

Here's How We Can Help

Milestone meetings throughout our relationship

Throughout your lifetime as a customer, we'll conduct several milestone meetings. Some of these meetings are: Introduction, training, implementation, pre-first event, post-first event debrief, and a strategic business review. As an extension of your team we'll aim to really understand your business objectives and will work side, by side with your team to meet them.

A team of event professionals by your side

We pride ourselves by having a team of event experts that are pros of using technology for events, but more than anything, live and breath the events world. We offer event marketing consultation to our customers at any given point. We love sharing best practices and learning from our own customers on what worked well for them

Get your event website to look top notch!

Our Professional Services team specializes in designing amazing event websites that put your brand front and center.

Your Ultra branded experience starts here

Bizzabo’s inhouse design team will work with you to create an engaging and consistent mobile experience. From App store preview images, to splash screens, and everything in between.

Implementation services

Our Services team is eager to work with your team and do the heavily lifting to reduce the time to deploy your desired solutions into your Bizzabo cloud

Schedule an onsite training session

We offer classroom style onsite training programs for your entire team delivered by our event experts and tailored to fit your desired objectives.

Take a Bizzabo certification course

Online courses that will help you tap into the full potential of every aspect of Bizzabo depending on your event role.

Tailor your team’s training journey 

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will design an online training program to have new and existing members of your team become masters of Bizzabo arts

Let’s reach event success together

Best in class 24/7 support

our customers can count on our 24/7 Customer Support team to be there if technical challenges occur. We’re proud to say that our average response time is 1.7 hours (industry benchmark is 24h).

Access our knowledge center

we encourage customers to take education into their own hands through our certification academy, knowledge center, award-winning blog, video tutorials, webinars and event checklists!

Over 99% uptime

We’re here to ensure your team and audience can access Bizzabo at-all-times with guaranteed 99% uptime. In addition, we ensure your data is stored in a way that meets your requirements with backups across multiple locations.


“We’re grateful for our CSM that is above and beyond amazing and an awesome human being”

Director of Marketing, Saastr