How Teach For America Streamlined Their 100+ Nationwide Events


Teach For America (TFA) is a national network of leaders who are committed to teaching in low-income schools and working to increase their students’ opportunities in life.To build and engage their community, TFA holds hundreds of recruiting, networking and professional events across the country. Though the goals and audiences of these events differ, TFA aims to bring their brand to life through a best-in-class experience for all of them.


“One of the things that was most important to us when we were looking at Bizzabo, was that the software is really robust without being overwhelming.”



To enable independent regional teams to easily create branded event experiences that drive high attendee satisfaction.


TFA is comprised of over 55,000 alumni and corps members and aims to impact the lives of millions of students in more than 50 regions in the United States. Each region is assigned its own events team. Because of this a large number of people are building different experiences for different events at any given time. In order to make this happen, TFA needed a platform that offers comprehensive customization, promotional tools and analytics, yet was intuitive enough to require no training at all.

About their Event

Main Point of Contact

Molly Reid, Director of Events and Marketing


Teach For America


Non-profit, Education

Favorite Features

Website Builder, Event App, Customer Success Team, Slack Integration, Event Agenda, App/Website Sync, Analytics, Event Community, Event Promotion

Number of Events Per Year


Type of Events They Plan

Recruiting Events, Fundraising Events

Before Bizzabo

The previous platform that TFA used was too complex for their many teams to use without in-depth training. As a result, they found that many of their users were making mistakes or running into dead ends within their previous solution. This meant that TFA’s core events team was overwhelmed with emails about the product and urgent mistakes that needed to be fixed. The result was that regional team members felt discouraged from using the product, while everyone involved felt that they were spending too much time on the process of managing events.


“With Bizzabo you don’t have to do build your app separately from your event website. The website content automatically carries over into the app. This has saved tremendous amounts of time in not having to recreate something through a separate app platform.”


Sale Lake City Stage - TFA Case Study

Bizzabo Solutions

In looking for a new platform, TFA knew that they needed to find something that kept up with the latest trends in website design and was also intuitive to use. They were immediately impressed with Bizzabo’s drag-and-drop website builder and soon found that their regional teams were adopting it to to launch events.

Another advantage of Bizzabo’s platform was its app. Previously, TFA found that event apps were expensive in both time and money to produce. Bizzabo came with an event app for no extra cost. This app seamlessly synced with the event website, meaning that every event in TFAs strategy could include an engaging app at no additional cost.

Additionally, TFA found that they could run their entire promotional strategy all through Bizzabo. They could send customize and send different emails without needing to constantly import and export contact lists.  Once event day rolled around, TFA found that they could leverage push notifications to communicate with attendees and they found that attendees were frequently communicating with one another via the event community.

Panel Stage - TFA Case Study

On top of everything else, TFA found Bizzabo’s customer success team went above and beyond their needs.


“The Bizzabo customer support is unparalleled; this includes their customer success managers and their web support team. Both have taken the time to get to know us personally and as an organization, and keep our needs and parameters in mind. They are quick, responsive, incredibly kind, and knowledgeable in their product. I could truly write pages on how valuable their customer support team is. I sing Bizzabo’s praises any chance I get.”


By The Numbers - Teach for America Case Study

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