How SEMrush Accelerates A Data-Driven Event Strategy With Bizzabo

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SEMrush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform that ensures businesses get measurable results from online marketing. Trusted by more than 4,000,000 marketing professionals, SEMrush offers insights and solutions for companies in any industry to build, manage, and measure campaigns across all marketing channels.

SEMrush recently rolled out their first user conference SEMrush LIVE and the SEMrush LIVE roadshow—attracting marketers from over 50 countries.


SEMrush hosts over 40+ events annually across 5 continents. This year, they hosted the SEMrush LIVE user conference in Prague and the SEMrush LIVE roadshow in cities across the globe. These events are critical to SEMrush’s business goals of building sales pipeline, generating revenue, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving customer retention.


In the past, SEMrush used an internal tool to create branded event pages. This process was often slow-moving with multiple communication paths involving different teams. The marketing team at SEMrush had several concurrent campaigns running at any given time and their previous event operation process didn’t reflect the velocity they needed to create and market events.

As Aleksandra Panyukhina, Head of Event Marketing aptly describes it: “In the events world, everything happens fast. Like any other software company, SEMrush runs additional campaigns and programs running along with our events.”

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Aleksandra Panyukhina — Head of Event Marketing




Boston, MA


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Event website editor, Registration, Mobile app, Slack integration

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SEMrush LIVE – Annual Conference

“Bizzabo’s usability makes it easy for anyone to quickly build a branded event website.”

— Aleksandra Panyukhina
Head of Event Marketing



Optimized Events page

To create one of a kind event experiences, SEMrush needed an event-specific tool powerful that could quickly and seamlessly create event experiences at scale. This included the ability to brand and optimize event pages while building detailed registration forms quickly and accurately.

“As a proof of good execution and good branding, Bizzabo made it easy to make pages SEO-ready with pre-built code,” Aleksandra said. “The ability to optimize our pages was critical as we’re a company that values our online visibility and sees optimization as integral to our brand.”


“The events page is the crucial first step in coming together in person with customers. So it’s important to ensure this step is a seamlessly branded experience for our attendees, customers, and prospects. Bizzabo helped bridge that gap.”

— Aleksandra Panyukhina
Head of Event Marketing

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Increased Operational Efficiency

In the past, page creation was a slow process with different stakeholders. It took roughly one month to create a single event page. However, with Bizzabo, SEMrush was able to cut the speed of creating and publishing event pages.

“With Bizzabo it takes one week to put the event website together, make revisions, test it out, and launch it.”

Along with the reduced time to publish, SEMrush also minimized the number of dedicated team members preparing the event website. By allowing marketers to make changes to event pages, Bizzabo helped SEMrush save their design and developer resources for more critical projects. This helped drive the team’s operational efficiency.

“Events are a living creature and changes that happen need to be reflected on your website,” Aleksandra said. “Bizzabo allowed us to do that immediately. I could open my laptop and make a change in two minutes rather than sending a JIRA task to the development team and waiting for a response.”

In sum, the SEMrush team was able to create more on-brand event pages with less resources.

Powerful Web and Mobile Analytics

With other event solutions, SEMrush found it difficult to track attribution on different channels and surface fundamental performance metrics.

Thankfully, analyzing the results from different promotions became easier with Bizzabo. For example, by adding a Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics tracking code to the Bizzabo website, event organizers could easily surface the performance of different promotional efforts.

SEMrush also used the Bizzabo mobile event app for the SEMrush LIVE user conference. Key information like the number of attendees engaged with the app provided proof that attendees were highly engaged with the app during the event.

As Aleksandra said, “We had both the verbal proof from real people backed by data. This gave us what we needed for further investments and a strategy for building an even better experience with the mobile app.”

Branding: “The Icing on the Cake”

Branding proved to be an obstacle when the SEMrush team relied on internal tools and that radically changed with the introduction of Bizzabo.

Regardless of design or developer experience, Bizzabo allowed any member of the SEMrush team to quickly create pages without CSS or HTML. This was critical when building out multiple roadshows and preparing larger events.

“It’s with great relief that we can enter the Bizzabo platform and immediately create a nice, branded event page. And the icing on the cake was the ability to create a branded sub-domain that looks great and easily integrates to our main website.”


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