How Leading Drone Company DJI Saved 100 Hours With Bizzabo


DJI is the world’s largest consumer and enterprise drone company. DJI produces drones and drone accessories, and also supports creators, supplying commercial equipment to professional filmmakers.

Their enterprise division services core industries like agriculture, surveying and mapping, public safety, electricity, and other critical infrastructure.

This year was the 5th annual AirWorks conference, but the first year it’s been virtual. It started as a small invite-only event in San Francisco, but since Denise joined, Airworks has traveled from city to city, gaining more attendees each year.


“Having everything in the Bizzabo house is what makes my job so easy. When things connect to each other the way they do [at Bizzabo] – for example, the agenda populates the app which connects to the website – it reduces administrative tasks, allowing me to focus on the event strategy.”

— Denise Hibbard
Senior Marketing Manager, Enterprise, DJI



DJI decided early on in the pandemic to move their event online. They wanted to take advantage of the opportunities of going digital but still needed to make sure they could achieve their event goals virtually. Denise’s main goals for Airworks 2020 were to drive attendee experience, promote community building, and create an effortless speaker and sponsor experience.

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Denise Hibbard — Senior Marketing Manager, Enterprise, DJI






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Speakers and Partners Solutions, Data Analytics

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Trade Shows, Launch Events, Annual Conferences

Choosing Bizzabo

When deciding on a platform, Denise was looking for great customer service, time savings and simplicity, and access to deep data analytics.

Bizzabo’s straightforward pricing structure made it easy for DJI to feel confident in what they were getting. Denise shared how in her experience with other platforms, “they wanted to charge you for each add-on and then by the time you get done, the quote was so complicated to read through and quite frankly much more expensive.”

It was important that DJI chose a platform that was user-friendly internally and externally. Denise appreciated the “sleek and modern design” of the Bizzabo platform, adding how shocked she was “at how archaic so many other event systems are.” Denise also noted that she’s the only one on her team who had the time to be trained in the platform, so she needed a solution that her team and even the speakers or sponsors could hop into and figure out quickly.

In addition to the platform, the Bizzabo team also stood out to Denise by creating a customer-centric environment. “My experience with the sales rep from Bizzabo was the most positive. They were not at all pushing me to make any decisions. They were extremely transparent with me about what everything was. They were on my time as opposed to some of the other folks that were quite pushy.” Ultimately, Denise’s experience with the Bizzabo platform and the team made it an easy choice in the end.


“That was something that really impressed me about Bizzabo. Not only on the attendee side do I want it to look modern, intuitive, and easy to use, but on my end too.”

— Denise Hibbard
Senior Marketing Manager, Enterprise, DJI

Virtual Broadcast - DJI Case Study

Creating a Seamless Experience for Speakers and Sponsors

DJI wanted to ensure an equally seamless experience for their partners. Having been an exhibitor at other events before, Denise knew exactly what she would liked to have seen and was determined to create a better solution for her own speakers and sponsors.

Bizzabo’s Speakers and Partners Solutions played a major role in creating that effortless experience. Bringing sponsors into the virtual space doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the value nor resources. By offering a centralized portal for speakers and sponsors to access, the platform allowed Denise to upload all of her documents to set her partners up for success, from virtual best practices to ideas on how to create high-quality recordings from home. The speakers and sponsors could then access the portal and view those documents and other communications from anywhere, at any time.


“Being able to connect our speakers and sponsors in one central hub was a big time saver and they found [Bizzabo] to be very easy to use. Our speakers required significantly less back and forth via having documents housed in one place. The virtual setting also required significantly more info to be relayed to our sponsors, made much easier by Bizzabo’s platform.”


The speakers and sponsor partners found Bizzabo’s solution to be very intuitive and were able to make changes on their own within the platform, which ultimately led to major time savings. Denise estimates that they saved 10 hours on the sponsor side and over 90 hours on the speaker side, totaling over 100 hours of time saved on this event. DJI attributes that valuable time savings to Bizzabo’s end-to-end solution and the user-friendly design.

Event Sponsor - DJI Case Study

Uncovering Valuable Insights with Robust Data Analytics

One of DJI’s biggest goals for Airworks 2020 was to gather rich data that they couldn’t pull in previous years hosting the event in-person. Denise knew that shifting to virtual offered a much bigger opportunity to gather attendee data. Using Bizzabo’s reporting, the team was able to learn who purchased tickets, where they were purchasing from, who showed up, and answer specific questions about their attendees.


“[Working with Bizzabo’s event analytics] was the first time we’ve ever had that information for this event. To then go virtual and be able to really hone in on who is attending, at what time, who tuned in live or on-demand, that data was more robust than anything that we’ve had before.”


By having access to all of their event data, DJI was also able to pull event statistics and compare their event ROI and success to their goals as well as previous years. DJI surpassed their registration goal of 850 by almost 39% and saw that between live attendees and on-demand viewers, nearly 73% of registrants converted to virtual attendees.

Denise and her team were able to demonstrate improvement in community engagement, a key goal for Airworks 2020, with the help of Bizzabo’s data tools. Community messages increased by 123% from the previous year, proving that DJI succeeded in fostering community among their attendees.


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