Why Compass Chose Bizzabo To Scale Their Events Program

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Compass launched in 2012 with the mission of making the real estate experience intelligent and seamless.


“The tipping point for us was the amount of data we could collect with Bizzabo, queuing up feedback surveys every day immediately after the event, and having it come simultaneously through the platform we are already familiar using.”

— Stephanie Militello
Marketing Manager for National Events & Partnerships



The National Events and Partnership Team at Compass host exclusive retreats attracting anywhere from 700 to 2,300 real estate agents. These retreats allow agents to network, soak up thought leadership and best practices, and build their book of business with a referral base that stretches across the country.


Stephanie Militello manages a small team of three and needed to overcome a few obstacles to create an engaging attendee experience that was aligned with the Compass brand:

  • With previous vendors, the Compass team had limited visibility into event analytics. To make informed decisions for their events, they needed the ability to capture the right event data.
  • As they built out their events programming, it was difficult for the team to assign attendees to sessions and tracks with previous vendors. They also lacked solutions for drilling down into attendee engagement or session registration numbers.
  • Streamlining the event registration process on-site was also a big challenge. In the past, registration outages could negatively impact attendees and the overall event experience.


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Stephanie Militello — Marketing Manager, National Events & Partnerships






New York, NY


Real Estate

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Onsite Solution, Agenda Builder, Dashboard Reporting, Bizzabo App

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Types of Events They Plan

Compass REtreats – Internal Events


The software that would ultimately power Compass events needed a robust feature set including a website builder, event and session registration, analytics, and onsite solutions while also being intuitive enough for their team to master.

Bizzabo enabled Compass to not only capture important registration and attendee data like registrations and ticket sales but also compile attendee demographic information such as geographical location that could later be used to inform future event strategy.

Post-event survey data also helped the team keep a pulse on event content. Understanding what content attendees engaged with most allowed the team to continually curate targeted sessions and speakers for their events.

Driving attendee engagement through session registrations and an in-app experience was a big value add with Bizzabo. Despite previous vendor experiences, “Bizzabo offered customization for the attendees allowing them to go through and make their selections based on their time and interests.”

“The hours Bizzabo has saved us building the event website meant a lot for us.”

— Stephanie Militello
Marketing Manager, National Events & Partnerships

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In 2019, Compass revamped their onsite registration and saw overwhelmingly positive feedback for their Fall 2019 REtreat. The event drew 1,700 attendees in Miami and operated seamlessly. In the words of Stephanie: “The onsite registration was hands-down the most successful that we’ve ever had to date…all the agents who came to this event shared those sentiments with us.”

In the past, Compass encountered difficult on-site registrations that delayed event start times and impacted the attendee experience. With Bizzabo’s Onsite Solution, Compass provided a seamless experience for attendees and pulled important data—including the number of attendees who attended versus the number of attendees that registered—to analyze once the event had concluded.

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Additionally, Compass doubled their mobile event app adoption rates with Bizzabo’s event app compared to the mobile event app of their previous vendor. Over 60% of attendees at the Fall REtreat alone downloaded the app. The community was alive and buzzing with over 390 messages sent within the event app.

On the backend, reporting on events data became increasingly easier and helped answer important questions. For example, the team could see the most popular session had over 91% attendee registrations. “You can get a lot more granular with Bizzabo’s reporting. I think the ways that we can ask questions are much more complex than what we could capture in our previous solution. With Bizzabo, the way the data is extracted is also much clearer and easier.”

Compass also decreased the amount of time needed to bring an event to life, freeing up Stephanie and her team to focus less on managing event logistics and more on creating a memorable attendee experience.

Armed with the right data and technology to bring their vision to life, Compass can now transform their events from a cultural and community-building initiative to a revenue driver that accelerates company growth.


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