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We believe in people. We believe in innovation, ingenuity and raw authenticity. You are unique, powerful, and ripe with potential. We get that and oh hells yes will you be embracing that. We are a group of fiercely individual people who have come together drawn by a shared culture of passion, curiosity, entrepreneurship and not taking this whole life thing too seriously.

Oh yeah and we like beer. And fun. And terrible jokes (well we think they're pretty good).
Are you ready to join us?

The Bizzabo Way to hire

We strive to create the best experience for our candidates and want you to enjoy the ride! Check out our candidate guidebook that will help you navigate the talent acquisition journey


Udit Lakhotia

Manager - Sales Team
Bizzabo has given me the opportunity to do business with people globally. I have grown professionally while working with talented colleagues to bring to market a truly creative piece of technology."

Daniel Ben Tov

Tech Lead
Do you want to wake up smiling every morning? If so, you should join Bizzabo. We are using cutting edge web technologies such as React.js, Redux and more!

Rachel Ruggieri

Director of Customer Success
Working at Bizzabo has been an incredible Experience. I've had the opportunity to grow with the team while making a direct impact on the product and our processes. I'm also surrounded by creative, ambitious, and talent individuals."

David Epstein

Demand Generation Director

Bizzabo is a special place to work, especially as a marketer. We are trusted to work autonomously on projects that we think will have the biggest impact on our collective goals. 


Ben Meirovitz

Art Director
Besides the amazingly talented group of people that surround me, I love that my job requires me to touch all aspects of the business. 

We Care

We care about our people and their well-being. We always look out for each other. We care about our customers and their success. We care about our world. Caring is the only way we know.


We Dare

We encourage ourselves to dream big and swing for the fences. We dare to fail but always fail forward. We question the norm and embrace change. Who dares, wins.


We Own It

We are all self-starters with entrepreneurial mindsets. We take full responsibility for our actions. We persist relentlessly until we succeed. We call it Rosh-Gadol.


We are humble

We know we don't know it all. We listen to our colleagues, our customers, and our industry. We allow ourselves to be amazed and always seek to learn and improve.


we are better together

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts; this is true for our team, our product, and our company. We rise by lifting others. None of us can do it alone, but together, we are unstoppable.


we choose excellence

We push ourselves to be the best in everything we do.


we are honest

We are honest, authentic and respectful with one another so we can build and rely on a strong foundation of trust and partnership.


We smile

We enjoy the ride and the challenge. A smile is our reflection of being positive thinkers. We are grateful for what we have.


Always Speak Up

We Bizzaboers, are encouraged to express our views and opinions with full confidence that they’ll be heard and recognized. We’re proud to say, that the most brightest ideas for improvement and growth, came from Bizzaboers who did just that- speak up.


Be Rosh Gadol

From Bizzabo’s early days it was clear that the Israeli term which means “big head,” is a reflection of our day to day state of mind. In simple words, it means we want the type of people who take responsibility and initiative, and most importantly see the big picture and go beyond their job description.


Going Glocal

We are a collection of unique individuals from all over the world. We pride ourselves by being “glocal”, embracing each other’s uniqueness, while keeping a global Bizzabo culture code.


Make Mistakes

We’re all here because we want to make an impact on the world of events, on our customer’s success’ and our company’s growth. With great impact comes great risk and we’re all about that. We encourage ourselves to try new things and make mistakes, we just make sure to not do the same mistake twice..


Constant Learners

It’s true that the more you know the more you realize you don’t know! We host company-wide BizzaKnowledge sessions to educate one another about life. We also support all Bizzaboers to host and attend meetups and constantly seize opportunities to educate the events community and the tech ecosystem.


A Group of Explorers

Whether we’re exploring local spots in Tel Aviv and NYC, or traveling the globe, we know and understand the importance of seeing new things and being exposed to new cultures. We strongly encourage our Bizzaboers to get out there and learn in the best way possible- not to mention you can always find a travel buddy ready for the next adventure!



Each employee- from interns to sales reps to directors- hits the ground running from Day 1. You will expand your skills, take on new projects, and lead initiatives that you are truly passionate about.


Make an Impact

As a lean, quickly growing-company, there is plenty of room to take charge and make your mark. We encourage you to follow your passions and see your exciting initiatives through to the end.


Global Community

With offices in both NYC and Tel Aviv, we pride ourselves on being an international and diverse company. We work closely with our counterparts across the ocean, and we strongly encourage travel and the importance of seeing the world!


Social Environment

We are driven and hardworking but it’s the people that make Bizzabo’s fun, friendly, and playful atmosphere. We form bonds that grow out of the office- whether it’s volleyball games, evening happy hours, or an occasional weekend trip to Miami.


Make Things Happen

With our transparent and relatively flat organizational structure, you can make your ideas happen faster with no fear of red tape or bureaucratic hurdles that exist at less agile organizations.


Celebrate one another

One of our biggest areas of strength is the ability to recognize one another for their hard work and contribution. Each Bizzaboer’s success’ takes all of us a step forward, and we enjoy celebrating one another’s wins.