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6 March 2020 

Top 30 Conferences for Women in 2020

Bianca Galvez

From tech to finance to media—here’s a look at 30 of the best conferences for women in 2020.

Today, women run companies, lead countries, and make significant contributions to our world. Still, many female professionals are the minority at the table. This is especially the case when we take into account intersectionality.

Many conferences have appeared in the last few years to help provide women with opportunities to build networks, share experiences, and learn in ways that traditional conferences can’t quite match.

These conferences span a diverse array of industries—from finance to media to tech. In many cases, the missions of these events transcend industry boundaries.

Here’s a look at 30 of the best conferences for women in 2020.

Note: We’ll continue to update the information listed for the conferences as new updates become available.

1. World-Changing Women’s Summit

Source: YouTube

Start Date and Location: January 29th in Sonoma, California

Description: “A gathering for mission-driven women leaders.”

Why You Should Attend: The World-Changing Women’s Summit, presented by Conscious Company, was an incredible event hosted in the heart of California wine country. Hundreds of women from dozens of different industries attended to, “share wisdom, find inspiration, and connect around best practices for leading and thriving in the conscious business world.” While this 2020 gathering has already happened, we suggest attending next year.

2. #BlogHer20 Health

#BlogHer20 Health - Women's ConferenceSource: BlogHer

Start Date and Location: February 1st in Los Angeles, California

Description: An event that “celebrates the female storytellers who use their voices to raise awareness for our collective health.”

Why You Should Attend: The #BlogHer20 Health event was a smashing success. 600 women content creators came together on February 1st to learn about the health and wellness industry, network with peers, and gain inspiration to help power them through the rest of the year. Speakers at the conference included Hilary Duff, Busy Philipps, and Leann Rimes. While the 2020 gathering has come and gone, we definitely recommend attending in the future.

3. Watermark Conference for Women

Watermark Conference for Women - Women's ConferenceSource: The Business Journals

Start Date and Location: February 11th in San Jose, California

Description: A conference that offers, “inspiration, motivation, networking, personal and professional development, and community” for women.

Why You Should Attend: This popular event, sponsored by industry heavyweights like Target, Dell, and Alaskan Airlines is chock-full of powerful content. If you want to learn how to advance your career as a female, join over 6,500 others and attend the Watermark Conference for Women. But you’ll have to do it next year as the 2020 gathering has already taken place.

4. Altitude Summit

Altitude Summit - Women's ConferenceSource: But First Coffee

Start Date and Location: March 1st in Palm Springs, California

Description: A conference for women in creative fields.

Why You Should Attend: The Altitude Summit (which is currently happening right now in Southern California) will feature keynotes from successful entrepreneurs, expert panels, TED-style talks, and even field trips. Attendees will also get the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women and foster powerful collaborations.

5. Women Impact Tech

Women Impact Tech - Women's ConferenceSource: LinkedIn

Start Date and Location: March 5th in San Francisco, California

Description: “The largest regionally targeted tech event series in the nation, focusing on bringing together top companies with diverse and local women in tech.”

Why You Should Attend: We have a ways to go before we reach gender parity in the tech industry. Women Impact Tech aims to speed up the process by hosting impactful keynotes, breakout sessions, and dynamic conversations regarding the advancement of women in technology-related fields. If you’re a software engineer, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to connect with 1,000 of your female colleagues and gain valuable industry insights.

6. WECode 2020

WECode 2020 - Women's ConferenceSource: WECode

Start Date and Location: March 6th in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Description: “The largest student-run conference in the country celebrating women engineers.”

Why You Should Attend: Now in its seventh year, WECode 2020 is dedicated to boosting the skill sets and networks of women in tech. This two-day event will teach its 700+ attendees via empowering keynote speeches, educational workshops, and intimate fireside chats. It’s an awesome conference that past attendees have called “life changing”. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a ticket. The organizers behind the event offer scholarships, as well as on-campus housing options. Did we mention this conference takes place at Harvard? Nice!

7. #ThisIs18

#ThisIs18 - Women's ConferenceSource: Southbank Centre

Start Date and Location: March 7th in London, England

Description: Two #ThisIs18 producers join young women who were involved in the New York Times project for an intimate discussion.

Why You Should Attend: In 2018, The New York Times decided to capture what it was like for girls to turn 18 in 2018. To do so, the legendary publisher employed 21 female photographers from different countries around the world to document girls in their communities. The project was called #ThisIs18. Two years later, The New York Times will be hosting an event as part of the WOW Festival to commemorate and discuss the #ThisIs18 project. If you’re looking for inspiration, this event will give it to you.

8. 2020 Catalyst Awards Conference

2020 Catalyst Awards Conference - Women's ConferenceSource: Catalyst

Start Date and Location: March 12th in New York City, New York

Description: An event for, “people who want to shake up the status quo: disruptors, purpose-driven leaders, equity evangelists, and game-changers.”

Why You Should Attend: The 2020 Catalyst Award Conference is all about, “seizing the opportunity to accelerate change.” It’s sponsored by Target and UPS and will feature content about how to close the gender gap, women and the future of work, and women in leadership. The conference will also take time to award companies who’ve shown a commitment to gender diversity in the workplace.

9. ATX 2020

Source: Twitter

Start Date and Location: March 15th in Austin, Texas

Description: A one-day pop up event filled with panels, live podcasts, a mentor power hour, and everything else you’ve come to expect (and love!) from Create & Cultivate.”

Why You Should Attend: This event from Create and Cultivate will cover topics ranging from entrepreneurship to content creation to wellness. It also has a great slate of speakers lined up that includes Michelle Pfeiffer and Brooklyn Decker. Attend ATX 2020 for a full day of education, networking, and memory making.

10. Bullish Conference

Bullish Conference - Women's ConferenceSource: Bullish Store

Start Date and Location: April 9th in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Description: “A career conference for feminists who want to make the world and the workplace better.”

Why You Should Attend: Bullish Conference, lovingly known as BullCon, offers three different content tracks to attendees: Slay @ Work, Money + Biz, and Personal Development. So no matter where you are in your life and career, there will be relevant content for you to consume. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with your peers and make memories you won’t soon forget. For hardworking feminists, Bullish Conference is a must-attend.

11. Women in Tech Summit

Women in Tech Summit - Women's ConferenceSource: Twitter

Start Date and Location: April 14th in Washington D.C

Description: An event that, “connects, inspires and educates women in technology.”

Why You Should Attend: The Women in Tech Summit is a powerful collection of industry leaders, hands-on educational sessions, and networking opportunities. If you’re a woman in the technology industry, you won’t want to miss this event. We should also mention that the Women in Tech Summit will be hosted in multiple U.S. cities throughout 2020. If you can’t make the D.C gathering in April, we recommend attending a WITS event later in the year.

12. PBWC Conference

PBWC Conference - Women's ConferenceSource: Event Advisor

Start Date and Location: April 14th in San Francisco, CA

Description: An “unforgettable day of empowerment, skill-building, and inspiration.”

Why You Should Attend: The PBWC Conference is one of the largest events on this list. Every year, more than 5,500 women come together to learn how to success in business from 60+ speakers. The theme of the 2020 conference is #ForGood and attendees will learn how to make unique contributions that better the world around them. They’ll also have a chance to network with their peers and advance their careers with game-changing connections.

13. WNORTH Connect

WNORTH Connect - Women's ConferenceSource: Whistler Question

Start Date and Location: April 15th in Whistler, Canada

Description: “A boutique-style conference focused on providing a forum for women who are aiming for, or already on, a senior executive leadership track.”

Why You Should Attend: Speakers at WNORTH Connect include politicians, best-selling authors, and business leaders who are ready to help accelerate careers and support women in leadership roles. Whether you want to learn about effective leadership, how to beat imposter syndrome, or conflict resolution techniques, you’ll find the content you need at WNORTH Connect.

14. Power Rising 2020

Power Rising 2020 - Women's Conference Source: BlackHer

Start Date and Location: April 16th in Baltimore, Maryland

Description: A conference for black women.

Why You Should Attend: Power Rising is an event specifically designed for black women and provides a space for women to leverage, “collective wisdom to develop strategic, actionable ways to build and maximize [your] economic and political power.” For black women looking to make a difference in the world, there isn’t a better conference to attend.

15. Simmons Leadership Conference

Simmons Leadership Conference - Women's ConferencSource: Simmons University

Start Date and Location: April 16th in Boston, Massachusetts

Description: The premiere one-day professional development event for women.

Why You Should Attend: The slate of speakers at this year’s Simmons Leadership Conference includes a few heavy hitters: Serena Williams, a tennis champion; Muffet McGraw, the women’s basketball coach at Notre Dame; and Pat Mitchell, the first woman President and CEO of PBS. Attendees to this event will be educated, motivated, and empowered, guaranteed.

16. Girlboss Rally

Girlboss Rally - Women's ConferenceSource: Girlboss

Start Date and Location: April 25th in Los Angeles, California

Description: A conference that invites attendees to “find your support system.”

Why You Should Attend: This year’s Girlboss Rally features Journeys, AKA conference tracks that allow attendees to cater their event schedules to their own personal needs. The three Journeys available are Explorer, Leader, and Founder. But each path includes inspirational keynotes, educational workshops, and plenty of networking opportunities.

17. WIN Summit

Source: YouTube

Start Date and Location: May 13th in New York City, New York

Description: “Empowering Women Through Negotiation Skill Building”

Why You Should Attend: WIN, which stands for Women in Negotiation, is a conference that focuses on building the negotiation skills of females. It features professional on-site training, personal coaching, educational workshops, and more. If you’re looking for new ways to harness your unique strengths, elevate your skill set, and leverage your value, attend WIN Summit.

18. Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing

Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing - Women's ConferenceSource: Pinterest

Start Date and Location: May 28th in Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: “Creating and empowering successful female entrepreneurs.”

Why You Should Attend: The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing wants you to know that you’re strong and you can succeed at network marketing as a female. The conference brings together some of the top earners in the field to share strategies regarding work/life balance, leveraging social media effectively, and building a business as a full-time mom.

19. 2020 Forbes Women’s Summit

2020 Women's Summit - Women's ConferenceSource: Forbes

Start Date and Location: June 15th in New York City, New York

Description: “The 2020 Forbes Women’s Summit will feature in-depth conversations and idea exchanges around the topics of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, the future of work, connectivity, social impact, and more.”

Why You Should Attend: Forbes is a recognized leader in the world of business. So it should come as no surprise to anyone to learn that its Women’s Summit is a must-attend gathering. In previous years, keynote speakers included Anjali Sud, the CEO of Vimeo; Kara Swisher, Editor-at-Large at Recode; and notable celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria, and Ashley Graham. The theme of the 2020 gathering is, “Defining a New Decade” and attendees will learn how to navigate the world’s most pressing challenges in the years to come. Just know that this event is invitation-only, so request your ticket ASAP.

20. Mobilize Women 2020

Mobilize Women 2020 - Women's ConferenceSource: Ellevate Network

Start Date and Location: June 26th in New York City, New York

Description: A summit hosted by Ellevate Network.

Why You Should Attend: Mobilize Women 2020 is now in its fourth year. The 2020 gathering will aim to bring together thought-leaders in various fields to discuss the pressing issues facing our world today. For those who are unable to attend the event in person, it will also be live streamed in order to, “expand the influence of the movement.”

21. 2020 eWN Icon

2020 wWN Icon - Women's ConferenceSource: eWomen Network

Start Date and Location: July 23rd in Frisco, Texas

Description: “The premier Conference experience for Women business owners and entrepreneurs.”

Why You Should Attend: 2020 eWN Icon marks the 20th consecutive year that this conference will be held. Folks keep attending year after year because of its amazing content and top-notch networking opportunities. Here are a couple of fun facts for you: 50% of attendees to this event register a year in advance and 96% of attendees are presidents or CEOs of their businesses. In other words, decision makers can’t get enough of this conference!

22. 2020 Under 30 Global Women’s Summit

Source: Twitter

Start Date and Location: August 16th in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel

Description: “An international gathering of top young founders, leaders and mentors.”

Why You Should Attend: This event is similar to the other Forbes gathering on this list: 2020 Women’s Summit. But this get-together, hosted in Israel, is specifically designed for younger women and will feature content catered to their life circumstances. If you attend, expect to participate in workshops, VIP experiences, and eye-opening conversations.

23. National Women’s Business Conference

National Women's Business Conference - Women's ConferenceSource: NAWBO

Start Date and Location: September 21st in Austin, Texas

Description: A conference for women business owners.

Why You Should Attend: The theme for the 2020 National Women’s Business Conference is “Brave Is.” While we all want to be courageous, it’s not always easy to know what that looks like in normal life and business scenarios. This event will help you learn what bravery is to you and help you achieve your goals as a business owner.

24. Grace Hopper Celebration

Grace Hopper Celebration - Women's ConferenceSource: Business Insider

Start Date and Location: September 29th in Orlando, Florida

Description: “The world’s largest gathering of female technologists.”

Why You Should Attend: In previous years, the Grace Hopper Celebration featured top speakers, multiple conference tracks, and plenty of networking opportunities. While details for the 2020 gathering have yet to be released, we fully expect this year’s conference to be just as amazing as in years past — maybe even more so!

25. Texas Conference for Women

Texas Conference for Women - Women's ConferenceSource: Women’s Wealth

Start Date and Location: October 1st in Austin, Texas

Description: A one-day conference that offers, “incredible opportunities for business networking, professional development and personal growth.”

Why You Should Attend: This event, now in its 20th year, is dedicated to providing women in Texas with the inspiration, skills, and networking opportunities they need to thrive, both personally and professionally. The 2020 gathering will feature keynotes, breakout sessions, and more on topics ranging from household finance to career advancement.

26. Women in Travel Summit | Europe

Women in Travel Summit | Europe - Women's ConferenceSource: Eventbrite

Start Date and Location: October 16th in Gdansk, Poland

Description: Where, “content creators, innovators, and thought leaders from across the globe” come to, “learn, collaborate, and change the travel industry worldwide.”

Why You Should Attend: Are you a woman? Do you work in the travel industry? Then the Women in Travel Summit happening in Gdansk, Poland this October should be at the top of your conferences list. In the past, event speakers have included some of the most recognizable names in the travel industry and actionable content that anyone can use to further their career dreams. Not many details for the 2020 gathering have been announced, but when they are, we’ll have all the information ready for you. Check back soon!

27. Women | Future Conference

Women | Future Conference - Women's ConferenceSource: Forbes

Start Date and Location: November 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada

Description: A conference for working women.

Why You Should Attend: Women | Future Conference is dedicated to educating attendees on the pressing business issues of tomorrow, such as artificial intelligence and robotics. Book your ticket to the 2020 event to learn how these emerging technologies will affect you as a working woman and how you can capitalize on them.

28. Tech Up For Women

Start Date and Location: November 17th in New York City, New York

Description: “A hub of idea exchange and advocacy around the issue of the advancement of women in technology.”

Why You Should Attend: Tech Up for Women is one of the absolute best events for women in tech. If you’re looking to advance your career in technology — whether you work in healthcare, banking and finance, consumer products, arts and entertainment, or some other field — you’ll find the resources to help you do so at Tech Up for Women. The speaker list and agenda haven’t been released for this event yet. But check back to this post regularly for updates.

29. S.H.E Summit

S.H.E. Summit - Women's ConferenceSource: SHE Globl

Start Date and Location: November in New York City, New York

Description: A convergence of the world’s top business influencers, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are leading the change for women.

Why You Should Attend: The S.H.E Summit is now in its ninth year. If you’ve attended previous gatherings, you know that this award-winning conference always features the best speakers, incredible women in leadership training sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities. Many details for the 2020 event haven’t been released yet. Check back with us on a regular basis for updates on the S.H.E Summit this year to get the latest on women in business.

30. TEDWomen

TEDWomen - Women's ConferenceSource: TEDWomen

Start Date and Location: TBD

Description: “A three-day conference about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers.”

Why You Should Attend: TEDWomen 2020 will highlight extraordinary ideas from some of the world’s best and brightest innovators. The event will feature multiple TED talks, comfortable simulcast spaces, group dinners and parties, and workshops. While few details have been posted for the 2020 gathering, it’s sure to be a top-notch conference.

Attend Conference for Women in 2020

When it comes to gender diversity and women in business, the 30 conferences listed above are leading the pack. We encourage you to attend a few in 2020 if you’re able! The insights you’ll glean, connections you’ll acquire, and memories you make will help propel your career forward and keep the women’s rights movement progressing in the right direction.

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