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News | 13 October 2011

Vodka, Dogs and Helicopters

Alon Alroy

Last night, after receiving some good news, the Bizzabo team raised a toast after a hard day’s work with nothing but the best. Ah, Belvedere vodka! Hopefully, more good news will keep on coming and we’ll just have to purchase another bottle 😉

In order to wake up and get to work this morning, right after our daily standup, we competed against one another to see who could safely land our RC helicopter (maybe you remember them from TechCrunch Disrupt) on the other side of the room, without crashing.  Mika, our favorite dog, who loves to ride our ankles for hours (what?!), apparently had some issues with the mayhem we were causing.

By the way, we’re looking for a kick-ass Android developer and a brilliant Web / Front-End developer. Know someone? Send CVs to