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20 March 2020 

Product Announcement: Introducing Bizzabo’s Virtual Experience Solution

Alon Alroy
Product Announcement: Introducing Bizzabo’s Virtual Experience Solution

Bizzabo’s new Virtual Experience Solution allows you to reach the full potential of audience engagement anywhere, at any scale, with powerful broadcasting and on-demand capabilities.

While nothing can replace the power of in-person events, the ongoing crisis surrounding the coronavirus has had a ripple effect around the world and across the events industry. It’s no secret that it has been a difficult time for all industries and, most importantly, for people.

In the wake of the crisis, event marketers have made difficult decisions to protect the health and safety of attendees and their teams—like postponing events or canceling events—and shorn up creative solutions to bring people together.

In a rapidly changing environment, some event leaders have turned to a hybrid event format to leverage virtual event technology and keep people connected and engaged in spite of being apart.

Today, Bizzabo is excited to launch our Virtual Experience Solution, empowering event marketers to easily broadcast events of any size including team meetings, town-halls, conferences, and more.

This solution comes in response to the rising demand for technology that can pivot and support changes to an event strategy, quickly and seamlessly, while keeping the integrity of in-person connections.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can do:

Create Amazing Virtual Experiences

While webinar and virtual event technology isn’t new, it can be a challenge to deliver the energy and momentum of in-person events through a virtual experience.

That’s why Bizzabo partnered with the leading video platform Kaltura, to give event marketers the ability to broadcast event sessions. This includes something as big as a keynote or as intimate as a break-out session, making event content accessible to all attendees anywhere they are.

Virtual Experience Solution - Attendee Engagement

Recreate the synergy of in-person events with tools like real-time chat, networking, whiteboarding, Q&A, polls, and more to give attendees all the opportunities to connect with each other and deeply engage with your session content.

Real-time performance insights allow event marketers to collect data in real-time to offer the best experience for both attendees and speakers.

Bridge Your In-Person and Virtual Event Programs with a Single Platform

Imagine a world where event organizers could connect people in-person and across the web with a unified and branded experience. That world is here.

Bizzabo’s virtual solution is fully embedded into Bizzabo’s Event Success Platform, ensuring a streamlined experience for all your events saving you time, accelerating event operations, and empowering you to iterate on your program while proving the impact of your virtual event strategy.

Deliver A Uniquely Engaging Experience Anywhere and Across Devices

Elevate the virtual experience for attendees with community and networking capabilities, a suite of attendee engagement tools, and access to live-streamed sessions across any device.

Virtual Experience Solution - Broadcasting

Analyze Rich Events Data & Build On Success

Prove the impact of your virtual event strategy by measuring the impact on your business, whether your events support pipeline generation or revenue targets. Gain visibility into real-time attendee data and engage your audience at the right moment.

More On The Horizon

We built this solution with the understanding that event marketers are quickly leaning into virtual solutions with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. However, we expect that events will continually evolve in the long term (integrating both in-person and virtual experiences) to increase audience engagement and reach.

At Bizzabo, we are customer-centric. If you have any product feedback, suggestions or pipe-dreams, please feel free to drop us a line.

For more information contact your account executive or customer success representative.

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