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Event orchestration | 30 July 2020

Top 11 Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professionals

Bizzabo Blog Staff

Ready to launch your virtual or hybrid events strategy? Discover our top 11 virtual event resources to hit the ground running.

If your company has shifted to a hybrid events strategy and wants to produce engaging and impactful virtual events, you need both a game plan and a toolkit.

Thankfully, we’ve created a wealth of resources to help you along the way. Here are 11 virtual event resources to check out.

1. Pivoting to Virtual Events: 10 Examples from Leading Brands

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - WSJ Health ForumSource: Wall Street Journal

Sometimes a virtual event just works well because the subject matter is so timely. That was the case with the Wall Street Journal’s Health Forum, which convened industry leaders and experts on March 24 to discuss the pandemic and other global health topics.

The Journal is just one example of how brands have pivoted during this crisis. Check out the article to see what nine other brands have done and what you can learn from them.

2.Virtual Events 2020

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Virtual Events Directory for 2020Source: Bizzabo

Want to know who else is putting on a virtual event this year? Then look no further than our comprehensive list of 2020 virtual events and conferences. Use this list to learn how your peers are putting on well-executed virtual events and to gather ideas and inspiration for your own event. Plus, you can submit your event to be potentially featured, which should help your event gain more exposure and reach a wider audience.

3. Virtual Conference Guide

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Virtual Events GuideSource: Bizzabo

If you need a game plan for how to execute your company’s virtual events strategy, start with this guide. It features examples and descriptions of different virtual events you can consider, advice for how to keep attendees engaged, how to integrate sponsors into your event, how to set KPIs to measure success, and five virtual event solutions to consider (hint: Bizzabo is one of them).

Looking to benchmark your virtual strategy? Check out our 7 must-know virtual event benchmarks analyzed from hundreds of virtual events that have taken place on our platform during the pandemic.

4. 19 Digital Gift Ideas for Virtual Events & Conferences

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Digital Gifts for Virtual Event ConferencesSource: TechCrunch

Swag bags and free goodies are one of the perks of attending in-person conferences, but just because conferences are going virtual doesn’t mean you’ll have to forgo the swag for attendees, partners, speakers or sponsors.

You can keep the digital theme going by giving them a digital gift. This list of 19 digital gift ideas will help you show them your gratitude. After all, who wouldn’t want a video shout-out from Snoop Dogg as a thank you?

5. (Almost) IN-PERSON On-Demand

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Almost IN-PERSONSource: Bizzabo

These days, everything feels like it’s taking place almost in-person and our (Almost) IN-PERSON virtual event was no different. Over 6,000 people registered, representing 1,536 companies and 70 countries. We even launched our first virtual event slack community to support the conversations long after the event had passed. (Almost) IN-PERSON demonstrated how Bizzabo has been able to pivot during the pandemic — using our own solutions to connect with a global community of event marketers. But more importantly, the event was filled with best practices and examples from other leading brands you can now access on-demand.

6. 20 Virtual Event Ideas

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Gainsight PulseCheckSource: PulseCheck

Even if you’re already put on or attended dozens of virtual events, if your well of ideas runs dry, this list can spark your creativity. It features 20 ideas for virtual events, using companies like Google, HubSpot and other niche brands as examples. One of our favorite ideas on the list is from the software company Gainsight. The company hosted a virtual event called PulseCheck in which it offered pre-recorded sessions free to new subscribers (in exchange for their email, of course). As a bonus, Gainsight can also repurpose the content from PulseCheck for future lead-generation activities— a win-win for the company.

That’s just one example. Check out the full list for more.

7. 30 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Virtual Event Platform

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Virtual event platform evaluationSource: Bizzabo

With so many virtual event platforms to choose from and so little time, it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right decision when your organization invests its hard-earned money in a particular product.

To take out some of the risk, you need to ask the right questions. These questions should focus on three key things: the virtual organizer experience, the virtual speaker experience and the virtual attendee experience. Read the article for 30 questions to get you started.

8.Going Hybrid Ebook

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Going HybridSource: Bizzabo

Our Going Hybrid ebook is a marketer’s bible for all things virtual events. This in-depth guide outlines the benefits of virtual and hybrid events, offers tips for how you can craft engaging virtual experiences and gives advice for how you can assess what tools you need to take your virtual event from concept to execution.

9. Beyond Virtual Happy Hours: 10 Remote Team-Bonding Ideas

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Virtual Team BondingSource: Bizzabo

One of the hardest things about social distancing for some people is missing the camaraderie and social atmosphere of the office. It’s hard to exactly mimic that in a virtual environment, but that doesn’t mean your company shouldn’t at least try.

Though virtual happy hours seem to be gaining popularity, this list provides some ideas beyond that. Want to challenge your co-worker to a game of Texas Hold ‘em or learn how to make gnocchi from scratch? A virtual cooking class or board game night may be the perfect way to connect with your team in quarantine.

10. Virtual Event Production Kit

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Virtual Event Production KitSource: Bizzabo

Our virtual event production kit gives you everything necessary to successfully execute your event, including speaker kickoff and prep templates to deliver a best-in-class speaker experience as well as a production schedule to help you ensure your virtual event runs smoothly and on time.

Curious about how to get started with a virtual event production team? Check out our in-depth virtual event AV production guide to hit the ground running.

11. 10 Tools for Hosting a Virtual Event

Virtual Event Resources for Event and Marketing Professional - Virtual Experience SolutionSource: Bizzabo

Creating a virtual event that doesn’t bore attendees involves a lot more than just turning on Zoom and hoping for the best. You really need robust event management tools that allow you to deliver an actual experience — not just an event. There are plenty on the market to choose from, including Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams, but if you’ll forgive us for the utterly shameless plug, Bizzabo’s Virtual Experience Solution is pretty awesome, too.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re hosting a virtual event for the first time, simply pivoting until in-person events can safely resume, or are an experienced virtual event pro, these 11 resources can help your company connect with your audience digitally.

Hosting an engaging virtual event requires a good idea and technology and tools that enable you to transform that good idea into a great event. Whether you need an in-depth guide for how to create and execute a hybrid events strategy or a list of digital gift ideas for speakers attendees, all these resources should put you well on your way to creating memorable virtual experiences that move the needle for your business.

Discover how your peers are re-defining the industry by integrating a hybrid events strategy and share your perspectives on the evolution of events.