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14 September 2018 

20 Vancouver Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love

Maria Waida
20 Vancouver Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love

Looking to plan an event in the Hollywood of the North? Check out this list of 20 excellent event venues in Vancouver. Featuring kung-fu arenas, comedy clubs, unique restaurants and more.

In 1792 Captain George Vancouver, a British officer of the Royal Navy, spent only a single day on the land that would later be named after him. His travels included Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii, moving up the U.S. coastline until he reached what we now know as Canada. After a successful exploration that meticulously documented Canada’s inlets and outlets, Captain Vancouver’s voyage was honored with a city in his own name.

Today, Vancouver is one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, surrounded by sparkling bays and snow-capped mountains. Although one of many places that have been named after our favorite sea captain, Vancouver, Canada holds a special place in the hearts of residents and tourists alike. From Stanley Park to hockey stadiums to the country’s best salmon restaurants, Vancouver has a lot to offer event planners looking to make a splash.

If you’re starting to organize an event in this city, here are some great venue options to add to your event strategy mix.

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Table of Contents

  1. Bring Back the Sunshine at 6Pack Indoor Beach
  2. 360 Rooftop Views at Penthouse Event & Business Suite
  3. A Heritage Space at Vancouver Rowing Club
  4. The Full Service at The Permanent
  5. A Nautical Experience at The Shipyards
  6. Timeless Elegance at Brockton Cricket & Rugby Pavilion
  7. The Classic Venue at Diamond Ballroom
  8. A Cultural Appeal at Scottish Cultural Centre
  9. Kung-Fu Theatre, Revamped at Imperial
  10. Versatile Art Gallery at Vancouver Art Gallery
  11. A Traditional Gallery at The Beaumont Studios
  12. Pastry-Catered Spaces at Terminal City Club
  13. Corporate Competition at Badminton Vancouver
  14. Customizable Spaces at Brix Studio
  15. An Eclectic Venue at Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition
  16. The Local Theatre at Vogue Theatre
  17. An Event Planner’s Dream at Fairmont Pacific Rim
  18. The Performance of a Lifetime at The Improv Centre
  19. A Dinner Experience at Revel Room Supper Club
  20. Experimental Spaces at Science World

1. 6Pack Indoor Beach

Vancouver 6Pack Indoor Beach

Source: 6Pack Indoor Beach

Location: Mitchell Island

Capacity: 200

Did you know it rains about 160 days a year in Vancouver? This indoor beach bar, sports center and beach activities center can help attendees avoid getting wet. In addition to volleyball, they offer sand castle sculpting clinics, archery tag, and slacklines so everyone can enjoy some fun in the artificial sun!

2. Penthouse Event & Business Suite

360 Views at Vancouver Penthouse

Source: Penthouse Event & Business Suite

Location: Strathcona

Capacity: 100

The Penthouse offers an upscale flare with a modern twist. It’s one of the more unique and exclusive places on this Vancouver event venues list. The space is both highly flexible for any event type and offers breathtaking 360 degree views of the city.

3. Vancouver Rowing Club

Vancouver Rowing Club Event Venue

Source: Vancouver Rowing Club

Location: Coal Harbour

Capacity: 160-250

For an unbeatable view of the Coal Harbour, look no further than the Vancouver Rowing Club. This Vancouver event space has three different rooms to choose from with balcony/deck access. The heritage building, dating back to 1911, adds a fun historical flare to any occasion.

4. The Permanent

Vancouver The Permanent Venue

Source: The Permanent

Location: Downtown

Capacity: 279

Newly renovated and restored, The Permanent makes for a fresh addition to any best event venues in British Columbia archive. Knowing the competition for event hosting is fierce in this gorgeous seaside city, they offer services that go above and beyond. Their offerings include a complimentary on-site coordinator, security host, lots of drinkware options, and high-quality tech for events that have special sound or lighting requirements.

5. The Pipe Shop at The Shipyards

 The Shipyards Vancouver Venue

Source: The Pipe Shop at The Shipyards

Location: Lower Lonsdale

Capacity: 1,550

This Vancouver event space used to be the home of piping construction for ships, a nod to the city’s nautical history. With over 9,000 square feet of open concept space to use and exposed original wooden beams, The Pipe Shop is an exquisite option for any event. They’re currently undergoing upgrades to include full heating and cooling systems so be sure to look out for that in the coming year.

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6. Brockton Cricket & Rugby Pavilion

The Brockton Cricket Club Vancouver

Source: Brockton Cricket & Rugby Pavilion

Location: Coal Harbour

Capacity: 150

Don’t worry – you don’t need to be a member to rent out The Club as it’s also known. Warm Tudor decor, a rugby hall of fame, and lovely views of the grounds make the Brockton Cricket & Rugby Pavilion a win for any occasion.

7. Diamond Ballroom

Vancouver Event Venues Diamond Ballroom

Source: Diamond Ballroom

Location: South Granville, Fairview Slopes

Capacity: 150

The Diamond Ballroom is set to reopen in 2020 but the waitlist is already filling up, and for good reason. Of the Vancouver event spaces on this list, the Diamond Ballroom offers the best of everything you could possibly want at your event—Superior catering, stunning views, and state-of-the-art exhibition solutions are all par for the course at this classy venue.

8. Scottish Cultural Centre

Scottish Cultural Centre Venue

Source: Scottish Cultural Centre

Location: Marpole

Capacity: 400

The Scottish Cultural Centre offers a lot of interesting classes, entertainment, and dining options for those looking to add a bit of cultural flair to their event. And the reviews are glowing; event planners are extremely happy with the helpfulness of the staff, their small personal touches, and their overall willingness to accommodate special requests.

9. Imperial

Vancouver Imperial Theatre

Source: Imperial

Location: Downtown Eastside

Capacity: 200

Imperial is where styles meets technology. This multimedia theatre offers the latest and greatest in sound, audio, and video equipment for a fully integrated experience within this vintage theater. Once home to authentic kung-fu movie premieres and a 2.5 million dollar renovation later, this Vancouver event venue showcases a successful marriage of new and old.

10. Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Gallery Rooftop Event Venues

Source: Vancouver Art Gallery

Location: Downtown

Capacity: 500

There are seven main spaces available for rent here: the 4East, courtroom 301 & 302, rooftop pavilion, lobby, forecourt, and the rotunda. Each offers its own dramatic backdrop. From sophisticated twin marble staircases to colorful displays from the hottest contemporary artists, the Vancouver Art Gallery is the most creative Vancouver event space on our list.

11. The Beaumont Studios

Beaumont Studios Vancouver

Source: The Beaumont Studios

Location: Mount Pleasant

Capacity: 50-400

There are two main spaces to choose from: the Beaumont 326 and 316. Each gallery offers wickedly customizable spacing options that separate rooms into pods to offer event planners plenty of options.

12. Terminal City Club

Vancouver Venues Terminal Club

Source: Terminal City Club

Location: Downtown

Capacity: 250

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other Vancouver event venue that boasts its own private pastry chef for event catering. The Terminal City Club’s competitive pricing for members and non-members is a large draw. They also require certain etiquette regarding attire and the use of cell phones throughout this classy space.

13. Badminton Vancouver

Badminton Vancouver Venue

Source: Badminton Vancouver

Location: Mitchell Island

Capacity: 25-100

Team build or just blow off some steam at this eclectic Vancouver event space. If you’ve never played badminton before don’t worry. They can provide racquets, coordinators, and coaches so players of all levels can enjoy.

14. Brix Studio

Vancouver Brix Studio Venue

Source: Brix Studio

Location: Gastown, Downtown

Capacity: 100

The Brix Studio has been home to every type of event imaginable. From video production meetings to yoga workshops to exam proctoring, this Vancouver event space has seen it all. They can even assist you with your off-location webinar, should you need one.

15. Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition

Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition Vancouver

Source: Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition

Location: Hastings-Sunrise

Capacity: 250

Super high ceilings and a gorgeous courtyard are what you can expect to find at Deeley. Plus, their eclectic motorcycle showcase can go hand-in-hand with a lot of corporate event ideas.

16. Vogue Theatre

Vancouver Venue Vogue Theatre

Source: Vogue Theatre

Location: Granville Entertainment District

Capacity: 1,280

The Vogue Theatre is home to countless sold out concerts, lectures, and festivals in one of the most in demand locations of Vancouver. It’s also locally owned and operated so hosting your event here means your supporting local business, and that’s certainly worth celebration.

17. Fairmont Pacific Rim

Vancouver Fairmont Venue

Source: Fairmont Pacific Rim

Location: Downtown

Capacity: 1,000

Catering options at this Vancouver event venue include locally grown, farm-fresh menus to compliment any event design or theme. Home to lavish affairs and intimate gatherings alike, the Fairmont Pacific Rim also comes with staff performing tray-less synchronized service and a hands-on Director of Conference Services who wants to help make every detail of your next big event perfection.

18. Vancouver TheatreSports League – The Improv Centre

Vancouver Improv Centre Event

Source: Vancouver TheatreSports League – The Improv Centre

Location: Granville Island/False Creek

Capacity: 186

A mixture of cabaret-style tables and tradition theatre seating, the Improv Centre is one of Vancouver’s most vibrant event spaces. Located in the heart of one of the city’s most colorful areas, the Improv Centre offers a fully-licensed bar & lounge with patio that overlooks the Marina and False Creek.

19. Revel Room Supper Club

Vancouver Event Venues Revel Room

Source: Revel Room

Location: Gastown

Capacity: 80-110

The split lounge and mezzanine seating make for a delightful way to enjoy one of the many three course dinner options at the Revel Room. Whether you choose to indulge in their family style meals or not, their cocktails are also best in class. They can host live musical acts and offer dual ceiling projectors to round out your experience.

20. Science World

Vancouver Science World Event Venue

Source: Science World

Location: False Creek

Capacity: 20-1,400

Built-in fun is guaranteed at Vancouver’s Science World. Hands-on exhibits and outdoors spaces, and theatres offer fun for all ages. Their green roof and patio make for an impressive array of options. No matter what you’re planning, the Science World has something to offer you with the help of some really cool dinosaur skeletons, overnight camp-ins, and live science shows.

Finishing Up: Finding Your Dream Vancouver Event Venue

We know that there are lots of things to consider when choosing the perfect venue for your next big event, but this curated list of Vancouver event spaces should provide ample inspiration! Be sure to select a venue that is tailored to your event strategy and bring people together in these amazing spaces.

If Vancouver isn’t the only city where you host events, check out these venue roundups in other major cities:

If you’re looking for an extra edge with your event planning strategy, consider choosing an award-winning event management software

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