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| 19 November 2014

Using Tumblr, Flickr and StumbleUpon to Promote Your Event

Siobhan Becker

Just last month, you learned #eventprof best practices for using Pinterest, Reddit and Instagram. Now we’ll show you how to reach an even wider audience through implementing a Tumblr, Flickr and StumbleUpon social media strategy. These platforms have the potential to further maximize your event’s exposure, and in the age of social sharing, who could ask for more?

This next set of social platforms requires you to experiment with different social media strategies, as you will be attracting different audiences. To dominate these spaces you need original content that utilizes various “group” and “tag” features. If it seems overwhelming, take a deep breath, we promise it’s a lot simpler than it sounds!

Tumblr – blog your way to a larger audience

Tumblr is especially helpful when you want to promote your event mainly because it allows users to promote their blog on Tumblr’s dashboard, or newsfeed. When you update your Tumblr blog, it will appear on your followers’ dashboard. This is important because many users spend a good amount of time scrolling through their dashboards.

There are over 209 million blogs on Tumblr, which means the competition for attention is large. As a result of so many blogs, users are regularly exposed to new content, so in order to grab their attention, make sure to post content that is designed to engage your audience.

The most successful posts are short and feature a compelling photo or video. Accompanying the photo or video should be a short one to two sentence caption that captures the reader’s attention. A great way to leverage your Tumblr following is to post a compelling event photo or video and in the description, include a hyperlink to your event website. 

A key to maintaining an engaged Tumblr following is to make sure to post consistently. Tumblr has features that allow you to automate the publishing process. When you go to post to your Tumblr, click the arrow next to the “post now” button to choose schedule a post for later.

In addition to posting regularly, engaging with your audience is critical. A great way to communicate with your audience, take advantage of Tumblr polls. Ask your audience what sort of content they like most, or better yet, what sort of events they’d like to attend in the future!

Flickr – organize and share event photos 

Flickr is a photo sharing platform that allows users to upload, share and organize photo and video content. You can use Flickr to embed a collection of photos (called a gallery) into your event site so that potential attendees can get a feel for what it would be like to attend your event. With the rise of media sharing platforms like Flickr, market research has confirmed that visual storytelling is a powerful marketing tool. Making use of Flickr could prove to be an effective way to sell more tickets.

People log onto Flickr to view and share unique and original photos. As an #eventprof, you can maximize your usage of Flickr by captioning your photos that include links to your event page. Consider taking photos of your team as they prepare for the event, putting faces behind the company will humanize your brand and make it more relatable to followers.

Once you upload a photo, Flickr will prompt you to tag it. Make sure you use both generic and specific tags since you increase your potential reach with every tag you add to your photo. 

After your event has concluded, event planners are faced with the question of what to do with all of the media created at the event. Both your event team and attendees will have pictures from event day(s) and how to collect all of that great media is a question event planners struggle with. Well Flickr has a great solution for you – Flickr Groups.

Flickr Groups are public or private groups of people who share photos and video with all other group members. There’s even space for discussion, so event attendees can stay engaged after the event is over. Create a Flickr group before the event happens, and as the event winds down, make a few announcements letting attendees know that they can upload their event content to your Flickr group. You can take the media uploaded and use it as content on social media and on your website.


StumbleUpon – drive traffic to your site with social bookmarking

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site. Rather than us a search engine to find a website that interests you, SutmbleUpon shows you websites that have been added to its data base by other StumbleUpon users. Websites are tagged by the user who uploads them to provide searchers with good results. As an #eventprof, you can increase your traffic by using StumbleUpon, here’s how.

Start by submitting your website to the StumbleUpon directory, make sure to tag it correctly so that other users discover your site when the stumble. If other users like your event website, they’ll give it a thumbs up, the more thumbs up your site has, the more StumbleUpon will show it to other people. In other words, StumbleUpon creates a virtuous circle of views and upvotes if the community like your website. The formula to success here is easy: the more people like your page, the more likely StumbleUpon is to direct users to you!

One thing that many people don’t know is that people can Stumble your page, even if they do not belong to StumbleUpon. You can provide everyone will a Stumble button by embedding a Stumble widget to your page.

To ensure that your visitors will hit the thumbs up button when they visit your website, present original, current and creative content. So rather than driving people to your event homepage, consider driving them to your event blog first. Create a blog post that StumbleUpon visitors will like, list posts speak loadly to StumbleUpon users. So consider creating a list post counting down 10 great public speakers in your industry (while throwing in some of your guest speakers!)

At Bizzabo, we’re all about helping event professionals take their planning game to the next level. That’s why we want you to branch out from Twitter and LinkedIn to try novel social media platforms that can help expand your social media reach. To learn more about Tumblr, Flickr, StumbleUpon and 27 other platforms #eventprofs are using, check out our list of the 30 Social Media Networks #EventProfs Should Use.

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