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Event leadership | 23 December 2016

The 5 Most Helpful Event Planning Articles From This Year

David Epstein

This year has been a busy one for the writers behind the Bizzabo Blog. We have written over 350 pages of content, not to mention the many webinars, videos and presentations we have created. Today, we look back at our five most helpful blog posts ranging from advice related to attracting brand name event sponsors, to marketing an event using Facebook.

1. Five Examples of Event Sponsorship Packages that Landed Big Brands

Use five mini-case studies to learn how event organizers attracted the support of brands like Rolex, L’Oréal, Sara Lee, New Relac and Ten-X through carefully creating uniquely valuable sponsorship opportunities. One key for landing big name sponsors is clearly understanding the sponsor’s business goals and then creating flexible packages that help brands meet high-level business objectives. One great way for event organizers to build long lasting relationships with brand name sponsors is by going a step further to provide data-driven reports after an event that highlights the value brands received.

2. How to Promote an Event on Facebook: An Epic Guide

Facebook is used by 1.7 billion people globally, and the average age of a Facebook user is around 40 years old. Chances are, your target audience is on Facebook. Thanks to a combination of free tools (like Facebook Events, Pages and Groups) and paid tools (like highly targeted advertising options) savvy event organizers will be able to reach the right audiences when promoting events.

3. Ten Event Planning Associations Organizers Should Know

Whether you plan internal corporate events, trade shows, networking gatherings or a combination of many different kinds of events, there is probably a helpful event planning association for you. MPI, ILEA, PCMA, NACE – the list goes on – of outstanding organizations that offer members a variety of helpful benefits. Many of the associations listed also have event planning certifications that can help with career advancement.

4. Cracking the Content Code: How to Use Content Marketing to Promote an Event

Over 85% of B2B marketers say that content marketing is one of the most effective methods for promoting a product or service. Of respondents, over 70% said they planned to focus more on content marketing. What does this mean for event promoters? It indicates that implementing a content marketing strategy will be an effective way to increase event registrations, and engage event attendees. To learn more, read the article and download the accompanying content marketing ebook by clicking the button below.

5. The Four Things Event Organizers Fail to Do After Events

Unfortunately, most event organizers commit a few common mistakes when an event concludes, which often results in missed opportunities that can make promoting future events more challenging. This article discusses four of the most painful mistakes event planners make, things like failing to build an online community, or neglecting to turn event sessions into video content

This year our most helpful content was centered around event sponsorship, event marketing and career development. For access to even more helpful event planning content (which includes nearly 400 existing blog posts and many more great articles to come) subscribe to the blog by clicking the button below!

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