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Event orchestration | 8 July 2015

100 Must Know Tools For Event Planners: The Ultimate Toolbox

David Epstein

Last updated April 17, 2017.

We’ve all been there: searching Google for the magic tool, app, platform, piece of software that will help you plan an event more easily. Whether you are trying to find an event management platform, or just want a way to monitor social media to see what attendees are saying about your event, it might seem that there is no one place to go to find the right tools for event planners.

Now there is one resource event organizers can use to find the proper event planning tools for their needs. The Ultimate Event Planning Toolbox is a free e-book that features 100 carefully curated tools selected because each one can help event planners achieve goals faster and more easily.

Included in the free eBook is a series of tools for event planners to help monitor what attendees are saying on social media, create and manage event presentations, edit event photos, connect with audiences, and improve team productivity.

Additionally, the eBook includes a guide to choosing the right tools for event planners for any job. If you’re interested in finding a solution for a task not included in the eBook, you’ll know how to go about searching for and selecting the right tool for the job.

To download our free e-book on tools for event planners, just click the button below. Your brain will thank you.

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