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Event experience | 17 January 2014

The Networking “Unicorns”: How to Find the Super Connectors

Alon Alroy

We’ve read about them in tons of fairytales. They’re mystical, they’re glamorous, they’re freakin’ unicorns!  But one of the most truly mystical creatures is the networking unicorn – or Super Connectors as we like to call them.  Super Connectors are the people who know everyone. They will not only be willing to get to know you and expand their own network, but can also connect you with the right people. To make the most out of your experience and time at a conference or event, finding these super connectors can make all the difference.

Super connectors function as relationship hubs and are thoroughly connected in their industry. These conference unicorns should be easy to spot (with the giant horn in the middle of their foreheads), but may not be obvious at first glance. Asking the right questions at a networking event can help you find these hidden gems!

Now that you know what super connectors are, the real obstacle is how to find these well-connected individuals. During pre-event research, sifting through attendee names and deciding who is a valuable contact can be taxing. Instead, ask people you meet to point out who else they know at the event. This will eventually lead you to the people with the richest networks.

It’s part of network theory, really- some people will always have more connections than others- much more than the average person.  This interconnectivity can work fabulously for you if you make sure to ask each individual you know who else they know, ultimately you will be led to the network’s hub.  Most people will point to the most connected person in the room- Tada!- we have a winner!

Now that you have found your Unicorn, let them lead you to your pot of gold! These Super Connectors can identify valuable members of their network, and even make the introduction. These are exactly the folks you want to rub shoulders with at an event and hopefully build a long lasting relationship.

It’s easy to see how simple it can be, and with added help from technology (hint: Bizzabo) you can preview the guests before the conference and always have a great conversation starter prepared.