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News | 14 July 2011

The Journey Starts!

Alon Alroy

There is a clichéd saying that co-founding a startup is very much like riding a roller-coaster… one day you’re up and one day you’re down. Over the last few months we took many tiny roller coasters rides. We got the message – entrepreneurship is no joke. More importantly, we understood that we love it and we are more than ready for the journey!

Our mission is to unleash and maximize the true potential of networking during business events. Nearby “business opportunities” are missed on a daily basis at conferences, trade-shows, corporate meetings and social meetups. Bizzabo’s solution is a mobile platform for business networking which transforms a frustrating, ineffective experience into a seamless and efficient process in which you no longer “stumble upon” opportunities – you find them.

 We have put a lot of thought into our interface, features and design so that we’ll be able to provide you with the best possible experience (best = fun & productive at the same time).

 Some numbers we can share about our R&D process:

– 439 bowls of cereal were consumed

– 14.7 kg of meat were barbequed on our backyard grill.

– 13,844 cups of coffee were brewed.

– 7393 cups of coffee were actually drunk (Yoav never finishes his…)

– 83 Alexander beers were drunk (only on Mondays ;-))

– Most importantly, thousands of lines of code have been written by our ninja developers.

Now what?

We can eat and drink all we want but at the end of the day, we need to deliver! We are working full steam on our launching strategy and hope you’ll hear from us soon.