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Event orchestration | 15 December 2016

The Event Planner’s Holiday Gift Guide

David Epstein

As event organizers prepare for some much needed time with family, and rest from work, we’ve  compiled a list of 10 items that event organizers will appreciate. The list is perfect for planners adept at dropping subtle hints about what they hope to receive.

As is tradition, we list items from different categories, but this year we polled event organizers to see what gifts interest them most. (Thanks Eventovation members for participating!)


10. Google Home ($129)

“OK Google, what’s my schedule look like for today?”

“How much time will it take me to get to work today?”

“Play some relaxing music?”

These are just some of the actions users can ask of Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) speaker. The next frontier of technology is surely going to be related to AI, Amazon has a competing product on the market called Echo and Apple is rumored to be developing a similar device as well.


For event organizers interested in staying on the bleeding edge of innovation, Google Home could be a perfect gift. Plus, unlike other tech gadgets, it’s likely that this product will improve over time as a large community of developers will be working on devices and software that integrate with Google Home.

9. Trunkster Carry On ($365)

For many event planners life on the road is a way of life. To help take some of the unpleasantness out of travel, grab a Trunkster carry on suitcase. Featured on the popular show Shark Tank, Trunkster is a zipperless hardshell suitcase that features a built in scale and a USB port to keep electronics charged.  


Best of all, the Trunkster Carry On features Trunkster Tracker, which allows travelers to locate their suitcase via an app. Now event organizers will never have to worry about the airline losing their suitcase again!

8. Airbnb Experiences (Price Varies)


Travelers rejoice, Airbnb is now offering guests the opportunity to book “experiences” in addition to accommodations. Experiences are lead by local experts who show participants a unique aspect of where they are staying.

One such experience is a 3 day surf excursion that takes place near Los Angeles. Quinn, the host, shows participants a few local surf stomping grounds, followed by several extended surf lessons. The experience concludes with a hike in a State Park near Malibu.

7. High Output Management by Andrew Grove ($9.50)

While this cult classic from former Intel CEO Andrew Grove isn’t a heart pounding, page-turning, piece of fiction, it is an excellent book for learning how to manage teams successfully. Grove was the third employee at Intel, so he knew a thing or two about overcoming adversity, leading teams when the pressure is high, and navigating the turbulent waters of office politics.

High_Output_Management-min.pngThis book is an especially good read for those in innovative or fast-changing industries like technology or computer software, since Grove is credited with helping to drive silicon valley’s historic boom in the 1990’s.

6. The Essential NYT Cookbook ($25.50)

Most of the items on this list are intended to be given to event organizers. But this one is for event organizers to give to someone else. Specifically for those event organizers hoping to receive a delicious handmade gift, what better way to give a loved one a little nudge than by inspiring them with 1,500 recipes featured in 150 years of New York Times food journalism?

5. Lush Bath Bombs ($8.75)

Need to relieve some all too common event planning stress? Lush makes the solution for you. The Bath Bomb is a fragrant and fizzy bath accessory perfect for instances when event planners need to practice self-care.

Lush_Bath_Bombs-min.pngBath bombs are available in a few different styles ranging from Intergalactic, which features “peppermint and neon color” to Butterbear, which contains “cocoa butter and vanilla fragrances.”

4. Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter ($499)

Take to the skies with this innovative drone. Featuring an HD camera mounted to the front of the drone, pilots can view a real time video stream through a screen mounted on the drone controller or through a pair of goggles included with the drone.

Parrot_Bebop_2_Quadcopter-min.pngPlanners who become adept at piloting their Parrot drone may even wish to start recording event video with it!

3. Incase ICON Backpack ($199.95)

A work backpack should be two things: functional and stylish. The Incase ICON backpack is both. Featuring a number of smartly engineered pockets for cables, tablets and laptops, the Incase ICON will do a great job at protecting important tech. Incase_ICON-min.pngEqually as important, reviewers report that this backpack maintains a stylish yet understated appearance even when it is filled to the brim. Plus ample padding and a sternum strap make the backpack comfortable at all times.

2. X.AI ($39 / Month)

The last thing a busy event planner needs is to worry about scheduling meetings. X.Ai solves this problem through machine learning and artificial intellgence. Any time you want to schedule a meeting with someone, simply cc Amy (or Andrew) and ask him/her to add a meeting to your calendar.


Starting at $39 per month ($59 per month for business) busy event organizers will fall in love with the platform’s ease of use.

1. Oristand Standing Desk ($29)

Sitting for longer periods of time has clear negative health consequences. As Gretchen Reynolds of the New York Times writes, “There is virtually unanimous scientific agreement that uninterrupted sitting is bad for us. Sitting for long stretches of time has been linked to markedly increased risks for obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, heart disease and premature death.”

While standing desks are not a silver bullet, they are especially helpful at encouraging movement during working hours.

Most good standing desks costs over a hundred dollars, but Oristand provides event planners with a viable standing desk alternative for under $30. Unlike other inexpensive standing desks, Oristan’s two tiered platform means that planners don’t need to crane their neck down to view a their screen.

Wrapping Up

This holiday season, most event organizers are interested in some tech gadget (presumably they’ll want something that makes life a bit easier), while others prefer a good book, exciting experience, a handmade gift or just something that will help them to relax.

One thing’s for sure: That special event professional in your life will appreciate you getting them one of these gifts.

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