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24 January 2014 

The 25 Must-Follow #Eventprofs

Stephanie Brenner
The 25 Must-Follow #Eventprofs

Here at Bizzabo, we strongly believe in quality over quantity. On Twitter, it is much more valuable to follow a handful of key players, rather than hundreds of irrelevant tweeters. Learning from experts in your field is one of the best ways to improve and stay up to date with all the latest event trends. That’s why we recommend that you follow these 25 #eventprofs to get quality content and expert advice trending in your twitter stream!

Liz King @Lizkingevents– The one and only Queen of details, Liz King! This girl does it all from speaking at conferences to blogging on Techsytalk, she is a must-follow event professional.

Julius Solaris @EventMB– The holy grail of #eventprofs news is the Event Manager Blog. These guys have to be on your following list so you can get all the latest news and tips in the conference planning and event tech world.

David Adler @DavidAdler– Event planning 101 is readily available when you follow @Bizbash. David Adler, CEO, tweets endless resources, ideas, and relevant news for meeting and event professionals. Plus other good stuff for the innovative marketer, too!

Alon Alroy @AlonAlroyBizzabo’s Co-Founder & CMO. Alon always shares awesome content and will keep you up to date on the latest #eventtech. Make sure to also follow our @Bizzabo account :). We are very active and make sure to curate the best event planning tips on the web. We’re funny too!

Dahlia ElGazzar @DahliaElGazzar– A self-proclaimed #eventtech connoisseur, this lovely lady has earned every bit of this title. If you want to stay up to date with all the latest technology trends for your events, this is your gal. Make sure to checkout her brand new website The Meeting Pool.

Jeff Hurt @Jeffhurt– Not only does this #eventprof share awesome content on his Velvet Chainsaw blog, he is always on the frontier of the latest social media strategies. Stay ahead of the game by following Jeff!

Keith Johnston @Plannerwire– Chief Technology pro at Plannerwire.net, this guy knows all the trendy social tools for meetings and events. Start following him today, and don’t miss any of his fun, informative blog posts

William Thomson @WilliamEvents– From organizing to consulting, William Thomas at Gallus Events is bringing you top-tier content for all things events! Follow him on Twitter for some engaging buzz centered around his upcoming conferences.

Peter Mullen @Pemullen– Peter, Silicon Valley’s event aficionado! He’s attended thousands of events and definitely has the experience and insight into what is happening on the conference floor. From speakers, venues, to the latest event tech, startups and trends, he knows what’s up!

Adrian Segar @Asegar– This guy is the jack-of-all-trades, eventprofs style. Not only is he the author of Conferences That Work, he also runs two small non-profits and creates conferences we all love! Follow him to get your fix on everything from non-profit events to event design to conference planning.

Corbin Ball @Corbinball– The godfather of event tech. If you can’t get enough of tech, you have to be following Corbin Ball. He’s got the TechTalk newsletter and shares tons of stat- driven content all day long. Stay up to date with analytics on the latest event and tradeshow tech.

Elizabeth Glau @ElizabethGlau– This next lady dabbles in all sorts of event industry how to’s. From event apps to hybrid events, Elizabeth knows it all. Follow her on twitter and check out SocialMediaForPlanners.com to engage your attendees and utilize social media at your next event.

Amanda Cey @ABCeyEvents– Talk about an #eventprof! This woman is the founder AND owner of her own event company, ABCey Events. She is all about pushing boundaries and having a forward-thinking mindset. To learn from the best, you have to follow the best. So start following Amanda, now!

Paul Cook @Planetplanitbiz– Coming to you from London, England, Paul Cook knows what he’s talking about. Founder of Planet Planit, He can assist you with training, engaging resources, and anything an #eventprof like yourself might fancy!

Dave Lutz @VelChain– #Eventprofs, #assnchat, and any other hashtag trending, Dave Lutz is the culprit. Want a kick ass meeting? Dave will give you great tips from planning an association’s annual meeting to managing a tech convention.

Jenise Fryatt @JeniseFryatt– Janise covers all of her bases. Pre-event, post-event, marketing, and more! She tweets quality content, plus great posts on Smarter Shift blog and on Cvent’s blog. Don’t miss all the great stuff she shares.

Kursha Woodgate @MexiaPR– What’s a great event without some smart PR? That’s where Kursha comes in. MD of PR at Mexia Communications, media coverage and all things communications is her calling. Make sure you don’t promote your next conference before following Kursha!

Michael Heipel @MichaelHeipel– With event tech progressing at lightening speed, Michael is a great guy to follow. He is constantly posting forward-thinking content. He is part of the #eventprofs community and will keep you up to date on the must-have innovations for your next conference from  twitter walls to badge       scanning technologies.

Samuel Jay Smith @SamuelJSmith – Last but not least is Samuel. He shares engaging, educational, and tech-driven content without missing a beat. If you’re looking to learn about all the areas of event branding, following this #eventprof comes in handy.


Marja Verbon @marjaverbon – Marja Verbon is a Tech investor worth following! As an Associate at Piton Capital, she will be one of the first venture capitalists to judge an event technology contest.


Sue Pelletier @spelletier –  Sue is a must-follow blogger and editor at MeetingsNet. Her tweets will surely fill you in on what’s going on in the events industry, with content directly relevant to event professionals.


Kevin Jackson @kevinlfj – Kevin is a big name to event professionals, voted the most influential person in the industry for the last 3 years. Take a look at his blog for more of his insights!


Annie Byrne @Annie_Squirrel – As the Deputy Editor of ExhibitionNews, Editor of WeBlogEvents, and winner of Most Innovative Blog Award in 2014, Annie has great tweets to keep up with.


Adam Parry @punchtownparry – Adam is an Editor of Event Industry News and the co-founder of the Event Technology Awards. A look at his tweets is a look right into the heart of the events industry!

Forget scanning the blogs and searching endless resources to stay up to date in the event industry. If you follow these key players on Twitter, you will get your daily fix of awesome content, noteworthy tips, and other great resources! Follow us on Twitter at @Bizzabo

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