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14 February 2019 

25 Sydney Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love

Maria Waida
25 Sydney Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love

Looking to plan an event in Australia’s Harbour City? Check out this list of 25 amazing Sydney event venues.

Prehistoric times saw this land in Australia occupied by the Aborigines. It wasn’t until 1788 that the First Fleet of British ships would arrive and bring with it the historic penal colonies the country is known for.

Today, Sydney is still home to some of the world’s finest natural landscapes, beaches, and architectural attractions. A melting pot of old and new, the city’s culture now reflects the international feel of its occupants who gather to attend events of all kinds.

If you’re looking to organize an event in Sydney and need inspiration for event venues, this is the guide for you.

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1. Maniax – Axe Throwing

Maniax - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Tumblr

Location: St. Peters

Capacity: 45

One of the more unusual Sydney event spaces on our list, ax throwing makes for a great event if you’ve got a little steam to blow off. You can book solo or small group sessions, date night sessions, and corporate packages. And don’t worry if you’re new to this, they walk you through how to throw the axes at their wooden targets.

2. Lorraine’s Patisserie

Lorraine's Patisserie - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Merivale

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 140

Lorraine’s Patisserie prides itself on being able to turn any frown upside down. They sell a variety of pastries made by expert chefs right at their location. Their glass storefront makes this event venue a treat for the eyes as well. They also provide professional floral arrangements that can be customized for any occasion.

3. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Sydney Opera House

Location: Bennelong Point

Capacity: 6,000

Sydney Opera House may just be one of the most popular event venues in New South Wales — and for good reason. This World-Heritage listed venue includes everything from intimate recital rooms and full-on concert stages. Their three main rooms for hire include the famous Concert Hall, the elegant and intimate Utzon Room, and their screening room, which is known as The Studio.

4. Wilhelmina’s

Wilhelmina's - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Wilhelmina’s

Location: Balmain

Capacity: 150

Wilhelmina’s has a variety of spaces to choose from. They’ve hosted events like birthdays, engagement parties, wedding receptions, and work functions in that past and are equipped to transform the space in whatever way best suits your plan. They also offer seasonal food and drinks through their restaurant.

5. Establishment

Establishment - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Merivale

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 400

Elegance is the name of the game at the Establishment. At the center of the space is a 42-meter-long marble bar, with columns lining the walls. This iconic venue serves an eclectic mix of food and drinks, including classic Aussie pub food, traditional Thai fare, and chicken schnitzel. In addition to their bar area, they also have a garden in the back.

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6. Mjølner

Mjolner - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Mjolner

Location: Redfern

Capacity: 50

If you’re into historic Viking features and upscale Scandinavian design then this Sydney event venue might be your new favorite. They offer their venue for both private and semi-private affairs. In addition to their booths and private bar they also have a private dining room. Their hand-crafted catering menu is available if you book for a minimum of 20 guests.

7. Quarryman’s Hotel

Quarryman's Hotel - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Eat Drink Play

Location: Pyrmont

Capacity: 150

This location has craft cocktails, a colorful menu, and a rooftop bar. Their pub and beer garden experience maintains the locations signature sophisticated yet fun-loving vibe. They’ve created a variety of food and drink packages you can choose from. But their rotating list of hand-selected brews on tap is always an option too.

8. South Steyne Floating Restaurant

South Steyne - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Trade Boats

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 400

The South Steyn Floating Restaurant includes four event spaces, a restaurant, and a waterfront deck for events of all sizes. Located right in the heart of Darling Harbour, the venue’s main attraction is its iconic view of the water. They do tend to book out pretty far in advance so be sure to contact them early on in your planning!

9. Chiswick at the Gallery

Chiswick - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Chiswick at the Gallery

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 250

The Chiswick lives inside one of the most comprehensive and applauded art collections in Sydney, if not the world. This casual dining restaurant hosts events like weddings, corporate lunches, and hobby club meetings. Their seasonal menu features fresh vegetables and herbs grown in their kitchen-adjacent garden. They have a contemporary dining room, casual bar, and a semi-private dining room up for grabs.

10. The Papermill 414

The Papermill - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Facebook

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 80

The Papermill 414 has a rich history and is recognized as one of the earliest buildings constructed in the Federation Warehouse style. High ceilings, wood piers, and sandstone frontage create a relaxing atmosphere. They’re famous for their Aroma brand coffee and their food is highly rated as well. They also offer audio and video rentals on site.

11. Pier One Sydney Harbour, Autograph Collection

Pier One - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Pier One Sydney Harbour

Location: Dawes Point

Capacity: 1,500

Pier One Sydney Harbour has a variety of state-of-the-art waterfront spaces for you to choose from. Each option has its own gallery and virtual tour right on the website. They are also home to Sydney Harbour’s first ever plunge pool where guests can have a safe and luxurious ocean dip.

12. Wesley Conference Centre

Wesley Conference Centre - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Wesley Mission

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 800

Use your event management software to organize your event details at this large and multi-faceted Sydney event venue. The Wesley Conference Centre mostly caters to professional events. They include a number of different spaces, locations, audio/visual, and catering options to suit the needs of bigger, more complex or multi-track events.

13. No.1 Bent Street

Bent Street - Sydney Event VenuesSource: No. 1 Bent Street

Location: CBD

Capacity: 100

No. 1 Bent Street is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. This flexible space plays host to formal sit-down dinners, stand-up canapes, and specially curated menus. You can book their venue with or without their catering options. But if you’re interested, the food they serve is locally sourced and tailored to the needs and tastes of your group.

14. Mordeo Pasta & Panini Bar

Mordeo - Sydney Event VenuesSource: TripAdvisor

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 100

Mordeo prides itself on being “a slice of Southern Europe”. It’s pasta, panini, salad bars, and menu reflect their affinity for signature local dishes. Cuisines from Spain, Italy, France, and Greece are all heavily featured. They also have a wide selection of wine to choose from for any event. This venue pairs well with an audience of foodies.

15. Beachside Dojo

Beachside Dojo - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Pinterest

Location: Manly

Capacity: 180

What Sydney event spaces list would be complete without a little beachfront suggestion? Sophisticated architectural design combined with stunning views makes this location a standout. Space options include their Sunrise Dojo, Northern Dojo, and a Private Dining Room. Their onsite events team is experienced in putting together customized event packages and are available to assist you from start to finish.

16. Doltone House Darling Island Wharf

Doltone House - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Doltone House

Location: Pyrmont

Capacity: 1500

Another waterfront view, this time back in the Harbour with a full view of Sydney’s city skyline. Doltone House has multiple sleek and modern meeting rooms as well as a main event space. Their location plays hosts to lectures and breakout sessions, cocktails and seated dinners. The indoor/outdoor space is accessible by boat so guests can enjoy a little cruise as well.

17. Urban Winery Sydney

Urban Winery - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Urban Winery Sydney

Location: Moore Park

Capacity: 60

There’s no doubt about it — Australia makes great wine. This multifunctional event space located inside the main winery allows guests to experience a little bit of country without leaving the big city. The space and design have a modern rustic vibe to them. They’ve hosted everything from Hen’s parties to team-building events.

18. Captain Cook Cruises

Captain Cook - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Captain Cook Cruises

Location: Circular Quay

Capacity: 700

Captain Cook’s has a whole range of cruises, including luxury dining, dinners, lunches, high tea, catered sightseeing, and hop on/hop off excursions. From six-course evenings with live entertainment to express trips to the zoo, there is an option for every type of group. And if you’re not interested in any of their package options, they also allow you to hire a private charter with even more features and extras to choose from.

19. Royal Automobile Club of Australia

Royal Automobile Club - Sydney Event VenuesSource: RACA

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 250

The Royal Automobile Club of Australia has hosted everything from small board functions to networking events to large gala dinners. They have six rooms to choose from. They also provide the services of their expert events team to help make sure the whole event runs smoothly.

20. The Mint

The Mint - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Sydney Living Museums

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 75

The Mint is a venue as eclectic and interesting as its history. Originally financed with 45,000 gallons of rum, The Mint began as Governor Macquarie’s ‘Rum Hospital’ and once provided beds for roughly 200 patients. Now the space houses offices, a restaurant,a cafe, and, of course, an events venue. History and heritage meet contemporary design in this unique Sydney event space.

21. Royal Hall of Industries

Royal Hall - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Centennial Park

Location: Moore Park

Capacity: 1,186

The Royal Hall of Industries, part of the Centennial Parklands, has vaulted ceilings and magnificent cathedral windows that have seen a number of prestigious events in Sydney’s history. The venue’s website welcomes planners to view their space as a blank canvas. In fact, the Royal Hall of Industries has proven to be quite a transformational space, having once been home to an exhibition hall, morgue, roller and ice skating rinks, a boxing venue, and a ballroom.

22. The Erko Hotel

Erko Hotel - Sydney Event VenuesSource: The Erko

Location: Erskineville

Capacity: 1,200

The Erko hotel hosts a lively community of folks who love local culture, great beers, and Erskine’s famous award-winning smokehouse. The gastropub and beer garden spaces offer a welcoming and stylish location suitable for most event types. They even partnered with a local brewery to create and sell their own unique beer. If you’re looking for a venue with an abundance of local character, this is the spot for you.

23. Club York

Club York - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Yelp

Location: Sydney

Capacity: 280

The York Events specifically cater to meetings, conferences, and seminars. They support these functions with 9 different function rooms, a newly renovated cocktail bar, a fully equipped audio/visual system for each space, a 300 seat auditorium, and flexible catering packages. Pro tip: they offer a discount on venue hire for members!

24. Carriageworks

Carriageworks - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Eat Drink Play

Location: Eveleigh

Capacity: up to 3,000

Carriageworks has a few different artsy and hip spaces to choose from. Choose from a filming & photography studio, a white-walled gallery space with polished concrete floors, a grand scale industrial space for large events, a raw warehouse space with exposed brick and heritage columns, and a whole lot more. Their spaces can serve any size group or function.

25. Ms. G’s

Ms. G's - Sydney Event VenuesSource: Merivale

Location: Potts Point

Capacity: 100

This modern Asian restaurant and event space describes itself as having a wide-roaming menu with a serious dose of fun. Their overall brand prides itself on spontaneity and a sense of play. You never quite know what you’ll get with each new experience there, which is exactly what they strive to deliver with every event they host. Their sales and events team is more than happy to make your private celebration, wedding, or casual corporate function extraordinary.

Wrapping Up: Finding The Perfect Sydney Event Venue

There are lots of things to consider when planning a great event, from the guest list to the menu to the itinerary.

Choosing the right event venue in New South Wales to host it all in can be a challenge. The good news is you can use this list to inspire your next Sydney event space choice. Select a location that best suits your event strategy as you continue to create and build relationships with your event attendees.

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