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Event marketing | 16 May 2016

10 Social Media Tools Event Planners Can’t Afford To Ignore

David Epstein

Your event attendees use social media. They use social media at your events, sometimes they use social media rather than engaging with fellow event attendees, speakers, or exhibitors.

Some event organizers think that restricting the use of smartphones, or personal electronic devices is the solution.

But that isn’t a solution at all. Event attendees don’t want to be told what they should or shouldn’t be doing at an event, they want an event to engage them in exciting new ways. Event attendees want to be inspired, and catered to.

Social media is a solution, not a problem. In an upcoming webinar lead by social media guru, Kiki L’Italien, event attendees will learn about 10 social media tools to drive attendee engagement. Click the button below to register. 

In anticipation of this blockbuster webinar, let’s revisit some key findings from a recent study of nearly 500 professional event organizers to see what engagement strategies are working, and where there is room for improvement.

Organizers Are Focused On Satisfying Attendees

If you’re main goal is to satisfy event attendees, you are not alone. Amazingly, 84% of respondents said that attendee satisfaction was their main goal when planning an event.


Source: Event Professionals Survey Of Tomorrow

This should mean that event planners are turning more and more to audience engagement solutions to boost attendee satisfaction. According to the findings in the report, event planners are doing just that.

Not surprisingly, 84% of respondents expect that audience engagement solutions will become a major trend in the near future.


Source: Event Professionals Survey Of Tomorrow

These findings suggest that there is a very real need among event planners for social media tools that can help to engage event attendees, and thus improve attendee satisfaction. We used these findings to help build the upcoming webinar.

Under Used Social Media Tools

The survey also suggests that while event planners are focused on improving attendee satisfaction by better engaging audience members, organizers still are not making use of new social media platforms that their attendees are already using.

Only 3% of event planners use Snapchat to engage attendees. This is a shame considering the awesome tools that Snapchat has created for live event marketers, like Snapchat Geofilters.

Additionally, only 7% of organizers use Pinterest to engage attendees or market an event. Again, this is a missed opportunity considering that over 100 million people use Pinterest each month, making it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms of all time.


Source: Event Professionals Survey Of Tomorrow

Even more mainstream platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn (with over 400 million monthly users respectively) are under utilized if organizers hope to truly be able to engage event attendees who often find their smartphone to be more interesting than your keynote speaker.

Resources To Get You Going

Event planners who are interested in engaging event attendees must sign up for this upcoming webinar. It will be recorded for those of you who can’t attend live.

Additionally, readers can download the Event Professional’s Of Tomorrow Report by clicking this link.

Lastly, readers can also grab the Social Media Bundle – a guide on using the latest social media platforms to better market an event while engaging event attendees online.

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