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3 August 2018 

10 Powerful Social Media Tools For Events in 2018

Jose Gallegos
10 Powerful Social Media Tools For Events in 2018

Organizing your next event? Looking to increase social media traction and engagement? Here are 10 powerful social media tools for events that are guaranteed to increase brand presence, as well as attendee interaction and satisfaction!

Running an event involves a lot of moving parts – like, a lot.

It can often feel like you’ll never be able to bring everything together at the last minute, but having a helping (digital) hand can make things easier.

Reasons that organizations run events

Source: Bizzabo

You’re probably already tapping into a couple of social media tools before, during, and after your event, but have you dug much deeper than sending out a few Tweets or setting up a Facebook event?

With the huge glut of tools available out there, it can be overwhelming trying to find the ones that won’t break the bank and will actually help make your event more engaging.

The social media tool ecosystem according to Buffer

Source: Buffer App

To guide you in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of the most powerful social media tools that can do all sorts of awesome things for your event, like encourage interaction and increase ticket sales.

  1.  TINT

People trust their peers more than they trust you. It’s just the way things are.

You’d trust the recommendation of a friend over the recommendation of a faceless corporation, right?

Salesforce "People Trust People" statistics

Source: Salesforce

This is where user-generated content comes in. Content created by your attendees and fans is more likely to get traction among your audience and create a buzz around your event.

Engagement increases, on average, by 28% when consumers are exposed to a mixture of user generated content and professional content whipped up by you.

How TINT Can Superpower Your Event

TINT lets you manage all social mentions from one backend and display live Twitter and Instagram feeds interact with attendees in real-time.

TINT, a social media tool for events, in action

Source: TINT

On top of that, you can pull all mentions from across a variety of different channels together in one place on a big screen or your website to generate excitement before the event begins.

It’s easy: choose a hashtag, spread it around, and watch as attendees start sharing their experiences and creating a community.

  1.  Bizzabo

Events are all about experiences and, as one of the only remaining in-person activities left in the business world, it’s important to inject yours with the “human” factor.

Bizzabo's event dashboard

Source: Bizzabo

Bizzabo offers event planners and organizers a number of different services through one platform.

As well as creating marketing campaigns that are designed to drive event registration, the tool allows teams to put together an on-brand digital experience for attendees and provide online communities to further facilitate event engagement.

How Bizzabo Can Superpower Your Event

Let’s look at the Culture Summit event. Before using Bizzabo, they had their fingers in numerous different software pies and really wanted to streamline their process.


Source: Bizzabo / Culture Summit 

When they started tapping into the power of Bizzabo’s features, they saw an immediate increase in interest around their event. The Ticket Boost tool — which enables organizers to increase event reach and drive registrations through attendee social sharing — was a particular success, as it generated buzz around the event through the attendee’s social media channels and ultimately led to more revenue.

  1. Social Tables

Events are collaborative in nature, whether it’s connections that happen between attendees, exhibitors, or speakers, and nurturing the beauty of those collaborations should be a high-priority for event planners.

Social Tables in action

Source: Social Tables

But how can I do that? You ask.

Social Tables weaves together the before, during, and after sections of your event. Beforehand, the tool helps you choose the best venue by exploring detailed floor plans and image galleries, and during it helps you give your event that extra “oomph” with diagramming software, seating charts, and meal planners.

Your team can access the platform wherever they are, so everyone knows what’s going on at any given time.

How Social Tables Can Superpower Your Event

For the Conrad Miami hotel, Social Tables worked hard to provide a way to keep up with the fast-paced nature of attendees’ lives today. The tool lets you immediately interact with guests and update floor plans in real-time if there are any last-minute changes.

Social Tables illustration

Source: Social Tables 

As a result, the Conrad Miami team could free up more than half their time to pursue other important tasks at the event, like talking to guests and providing great customer service.

  1. IBM Cloud Video

If you’re late to the party, Live video is huge at the moment. We only have to look at the success of in-the-moment visual content like Instagram Stories and Facebook Lives to see that.

State of Social 2018 report

Source State of Social 2018 / Neil Patel 

And, because they’re one-off special occasions, events are the perfect place to join the Live party.

Livestreaming your event means people from all over the world can tune in and get involved, widening your reach and gaining you extra exposure.

With IBM Cloud Video, you can stream live content around the globe with the click of a button and integrate it quickly and seamlessly with social media to encourage engagement.

IBM Cloud video, a social media tool for events, in action

Source IMB

How IBM Cloud Video Can Superpower Your Event

With the internet today, events don’t have to be insular affairs.

Why not share what you’re offering with the world and boost your reach and engagement? 

  1. PresentersWall

Creating engagement at an event is more than just getting people to check-in on Facebook or post a little something on Twitter.

With a tool like PresentersWall, you can tap into the collaborative power of events by providing a digital platform for attendees to interact with speakers.

PresentersWall, a social media tool for events, in action

Source: Presenters Wall

This will help guests feel like a part of something bigger and provides a more “personal” touch if they feel like they’re getting their questions answered directly.

PresentersWall works by allowing your attendees to vote, rate, and ask questions from their smartphones, with real-time updates.

How PresentersWall Can SuperPower Your Event

Provide a two-way dialogue between speakers and attendees by giving those in the audience the chance to ask their burning questions in-the-moment.

From the safety of their smartphones, attendees can engage with other guests, which means you’re likely to generate a deeper and more varied discussion.

  1. OMBooth

There’s nothing like a photo booth to get the party started at an event.

Let’s face it – people love taking selfies and sharing them with their friends and family across social media. By implementing a photo booth, you’re giving them the chance to share their experience far and wide, reaching a larger audience and generating more buzz around your event.

The OMBooth

Source: OM Digital

But OMBooth isn’t just your average photo booth. This futuristic tool automatically uploads photos straight to social media and can turn still images into GIFs for more visual fun.

How OMBooth Can Superpower Your Event

Having a photo booth makes it easy for attendees to share their experiences with their wider circles.

OMBooth in collaboration with Tanqueray

Source OM Digital

Take the Tanqueray Trunkshow Tour as an example. They offered guests the chance to use the “Drink Booth” which helped turn thousands of cocktails into branded product shots that were shared over and over again on Instagram throughout the event.

  1. GoBabl

Encouraging event attendees to get themselves on social media and share something with the right campaign hashtag is often a losing battle. That’s where GoBabl comes in.

Rather than letting you monitor social media activity around a hashtag, it ring-fences a specific location and gathers together the updates shared there.

GoBabl, a social media event promotion tool, in action

Source: GoBabl

So, if you ring-fence the venue your event is at, it will pull together all the Tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook updates from that venue, regardless of whether they’ve included the right hashtag.

How GoBabl Can Superpower Your Event

As well as seeing what content is being posted in a specific location, GoBabl also works the other way, too, by allowing event planners to send automated messages out to people who are in the “geofenced” zone.

GoBabl being used to share Instagram messages

Source: GoBabl

At a tattoo convention in Philadelphia earlier this year, event organizers hit up people walking past the venue and shared eye-catching images of designs with them to lure them in.

  1. EventBee

For a lot of event organizers, the biggest hurdle is getting people to buy tickets and turn up to the event. If your audience isn’t huge, you can tap into the wider social network of those who do plan on attending with EventBee.

Earlier, we mentioned that we trust the recommendations of our peers more than we do those of businesses, and this tool works in a similar way.

EventBee in action

Source: EventBee

If you see a friend is attending an event, you get curious.

EventBee allows attendees to promote your event by sharing their attendance with their wider networks — with the simple click of a button.

How EventBee Can Help Superpower Your Event

If getting the numbers up is a struggle, EventBee lets you spread the word further. As well as giving attendees the chance to share their attendance with friends and family, it also lets you customize the registration page so it’s on-brand.

This starts the user experience early, and streamlines attendees’ entire experience from start to finish.

  1. SocialBear

Engagement can be incredibly powerful at an event, but kickstarting it can be difficult.

SocialBear for events

Source: SocialBear

SocialBear provides a number of social media-friendly, visual-based sharing options that encourage attendees to start sharing right away. Their best-selling service is the Insta-friendly GIF pods, where guests can turn selfies and visuals into GIFs to upload right away.

How SocialBear Can Supersize Your Event

Visuals at an event are so important. They are more likely to be shared and viewed, and generate more engagement than simple text updates.


Source: SocialBear

With a range of different options, SocialBear can kickstart visual sharing at your event and encourage interaction and engagement amongst attendees.

  1. Luster

Like SocialBear, Luster also specializes in allowing attendees to share visual updates.

But, rather than just sending out the content to their own networks, Luster combines all the visual content shared at an event.The result? A real-time hashtag mosaic that can be displayed anywhere at your event.


Source: Luster

How Luster Can Superpower Your Event

At the Australian Open, Luster was implemented in to add an interactive element to the event.

The accompanying hashtag — #aoselfie — quickly became one of the top five trending hashtags in Australia, and the resulting images were brought together to form a digital mosaic that doubled as a backdrop for the winner’s interview with the press.

Superpower Your Event With Strategic Social Media Tools

Your event is an extension of your brand. The aim is to bring people together, share innovative ideas, and encourage engagement.

With the host of social media tools we’ve spoken about here, you can generate a huge buzz around your event, sell more tickets, and have people talking about it long after the event is over.

Looking for ways to further establish your event brand? Check out this month’s Event Heroes interview with Vasil Azarov, Co-founder of Growth Marketing Conference! 

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