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10 August 2017 

Product Update: New Help Center

Stephen Kim
Product Update: New Help Center

We’re super excited to officially announce Bizzabo’s new Help Center. As a company that strives for exceptional customer support, our revamped Help Center is a robust resource that serves as a hub of valuable content for our clients.

You can find answers to key questions and deepen your understanding of the platform.

Questions like:

  • “How do I create invisibles tickets?”
  • “Where can I find sales reports to calculate event ROI?”
  • “What are tactics for driving more registrations?”

All of these questions (and many, many more) can be answered through our easy-to-navigate Help Center.

Note: You will need a Bizzabo Account in order to log in.

Searching for Greatness

To make things even easier, the homepage includes a handy search bar that quickly helps you find what you’re looking for. If your question is related to an article, it will automatically appear in the dropdown.

Help Center Searchbar

For first-time customers and for experienced Bizza-Experts, our Help Center includes a variety of content that is valuable for all customers, regardless of experience level. 

Getting Started

The Getting Started section is specifically created for first-time Bizzabo users who are getting familiar with the software. This guide features ten in-depth articles that take you through the main parts of the platform, providing a thorough overview of fundamental features. The range of content includes full customer webinars, product screenshots, and insightful tutorial videos to guide you through the learning process. 

Getting Started Section

We carefully carefully crafted this section to logically progress with the event organizer’s planning stages. Frequently visiting this section will be very useful for organizers who are using the platform for the first time.

Knowledge Center

We’ve transformed our previous FAQ section into a newly improved Knowledge Center. Here you can find an updated version of all previous FAQ answers as well as relevant tutorials for each question. As shown in the previous GIF, you can also search for the answer you’re looking for by looking it up in our autopopulated searchbar. Whichever way you choose, you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Knowledge Center

Best Practices

It’s no secret that Bizzabo is a versatile platform with a wide range of functionalities. To ensure that you’re taking full advantage of each feature, we’ve created the Best Practices section. Each article in this section offers a helpful solution to common obstacles that event organizers very often come across during the planning process. We want to guarantee that your experience with Bizzabo is as smooth and intuitive as possible!

Best Practices

Many users are only scratching the surface of what our product can do. This section is dedicated to helping you unlock Bizzabo’s full potential and will make sure that you are squeezing every last drip of value from our product. This section is updated regularly so be sure to check back every so often for even more best practices!  

Product Updates

Now you can find all of our product updates in one place! Check out the Product Updates section to learn about our latest improvements. In the past we bundled together different product updates per blog post, but now we’ve created each article as its own separate product update to help you better understand the growth of our platform. To make things even simpler, you can access the Product Updates section directly from your dashboard. 

Product Update Section.gif


Training Videos

To supplement these Help Centerful articles, we’ve also created a library of our training videos, each of which dives into a different capability of the platform. This playlist of previously recorded webinars cover topics ranging from event marketing tactics to Bizzabo’s software integrations.

Training Videos

Coming soon: Bizzabo Training Academy

As if this new and revamped Help Center center weren’t enough, we will soon be introducing the Bizzabo Training Academy to further enrich your educational experience. Through the academy, you will be able to take multiple online courses to display your mastery of the Bizzabo platform. The diverse set of curriculum serves as a certification program to get you feeling that much more confident with the product. Stay tuned: This update will be out sooner than you can say blueberry pie. Well, maybe not that quick. But soon!

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