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22 April 2020 

Product Announcement: Introducing BizzaKnowledge

Alon Alroy

Bizzabo’s new BizzaKnowledge portal allows you to access a vibrant customer community of event leaders to connect, learn, and catapult your event strategy to new heights. 

As a customer-centric organization, we want to ensure our customers’ voices are heard. Over 85% of marketers in leadership roles have identified in-person events as critical for their company’s success. And to make the highest performing event teams successful, we strive to deliver the most comprehensive event solution with a user experience and community to match.

Now more than ever, at times of crisis and uncertainty, it is important for us to offer you, our customers, the option to be part of a collaborative community, gain access to forums, best practices and have your voices heard, allowing you to make an impact on our roadmap.

That’s why we created BizzaKnowledge, a vibrant customer community to share tips and tricks, access exclusive guides and product resources, and a place to shape the future of Bizzabo’s product roadmap.

Our goal is to empower every event marketer with the tools they need to bring any event vision—whether it’s in-person, virtual, or somewhere in between—to life.

This exciting new space will bring together thousands of innovative event marketers who share a passion of bringing people closer together and sparking meaningful connections. We can’t wait to help industry peers connect and continue to innovate how we see the future of events.

Here’s brief overview of what you can do in the BizzaKnowledge center:

Connect with Industry Peers

Join extraordinary event marketers from across the globe and take your event strategy to the next level with best practices, product guides, and a vibrant customer community. Use our guided forum experience to get into the weeds with industry peers on important topics—from sponsorship strategy to venue selection and beyond.

Drive the Product Roadmap

Make an impact on the event technology you use to produce your next event. Help drive our product strategy by submitting feature request ideas or upvoting your favorite requests. Our product team is closely watching our BizzaKnowledge community to understand what users want now.

Unlock the full potential of the Bizzabo Platform

Level up your event skills with easy to follow how-to guides on every feature found in the Bizzabo platform, written with the professional event planner in mind.

The BizzaKnowledge - Resources

Stay up-to-date with new features and functionality

Keep a pulse on the latest features of the Bizzabo platform by subscribing to the new product release forum. Receive a notification each time features are released so that your event strategy is always on the cutting edge.

Unleash your full potential

Our customers are at the core of what we build and inspire us to create the most innovative and comprehensive event platform to date. By deepening our connection with customers and users, we hope to build the industry’s only truly customer-centric product shaped for and by the people that matter most.

The BizzaKnowledge - Start

Bizzaknowledge is accessible for Bizzabo customers. For more information contact your customer success representative.

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