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Event leadership | 9 October 2014

Organizer Spotlight: Behind the scenes of the Street Fight Conferences

Emma Borochoff

Welcome to a new series of blog posts! We’re tracking down amazing Bizzabo organizers and share their best practices and tips around event planning and about creating unforgettable experiences.

Our first organizers in the series is Laura Rich. Laura is co-founder and CEO of Street Fight, a media company focused on serving companies disrupting local media. Prior to to creating Street Fight, Rich co-founded Recessionwire, the first “recession media” startup, which covered the profound impact of the Great Recession on the lives of everyday people. She previously ran teams at,,; authored a weekly interview column in the Sunday edition of the New York Times; wrote a biography of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen; and held positions at The Industry Standard, Adweek and Inside Media. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and Street Fight?

Street Fight is a content-centric media and events business. Our focus is on the disruption taking place in local: companies from Yelp to Uber to Google and Facebook who are changing the way businesses and consumers transact at the local level.

2. What kind of events do you help organize?

We do three major conferences a year in New York, San Francisco and Denver.

3. What was one of the most exciting/proud moments you’ve had as an event planner in the past?

Finding great venues. We are never in hotels, we always look for creative spaces. Terra Gallery in San Francisco was a great fit for us this past June.

Street Fight networking

Attendees gather to network at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit.

4. Were there ever any memorable (infamous) event problems you’ve had to deal with? Or a common frustration you come up against?

Getting attendees to move away from the programming areas to do their networking is always a problem.

5. How has Bizzabo helped your or your attendees’ event experience?

It’s given us an easy way to get attendees connected and networking as soon as they register. In our industry, networking and connections is essential to a conference’s value.

Christian Ward Speaking at Street Fight

Christian Ward of Yext speaking at Street Fight Summit West.

6. Tell us about your upcoming event-Street Fight Summit! Who should attend and why?

Startup execs and ad agencies should come to Street Fight Summit to understand all that is happening in mobile and location tech and marketing. It’s a very fast-moving space, and key to success is knowing the latest trends, the hottest companies, and who the deal makers are.

7. What are your go-to tools when on the job?

I use Google Drive quite a bit to collaborate with our distributed team. We’re also using Asana on a project right now. I couldn’t live without Rapportive, and Yesware is great when it doesn’t crash my Gmail.

8. Have you seen any trends or tech that might signify the future for the event industry?

I like the integration of website-tickets-networking that you guys are doing. Much better for us to have all of this together rather than piecemeal vendors.

Jonathan Badeen Tinder cofounder and Steve Levin Grindr head of sales

Co-founder of Tinder, Jonathan Badeen and Grindr sales head, Steven Levin at Street Fight West.

9. Can you share with us some words of wisdom from your event planning experience?  Anything to say to the newbies? 

Hire good event producers? We’ve found some we really like and it’s been a big part of how we’ve had such great success.

10. Local tech and the business of “hyperlocal” is your jam! We’d love to hear a few insights you have about this industry and what you foresee for the future of local. 

Consumers really do want information where they are, when they are there. And they’re willing to trade off some aspects of privacy for the information they need. Companies are getting better and amassing and understanding the data they’re gathering to deliver the right experiences to consumers.

Laura Rich certainly has some awesome tips on event planning best practices. Checkout her upcoming event in New York City on November 4th and follow her on twitter at @laurarich.

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