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12 July 2019 

20 Lisbon Event Venues That Your Attendees Will Love

Jacob Thomas
20 Lisbon Event Venues That Your Attendees Will Love

Ready to host an event in Lisbon? These 20 venues are the best the city has to offer!

Lisbon is a beautiful city situated on the banks of the Tagus River. It’s the capital of Portugal and it’s the largest metropolitan area of the country with nearly three million people calling it home. And while the city has been enjoying the international spotlight lately, its roots reach back thousands of years. Ancient religious and funerary monuments from the first millennium BC can still be seen today.

In this article, we’ll look at the 20 best event venues that Lisbon has to offer. Whether you plan to host a business meeting, small wedding reception, or international conference, one of the spaces listed below will suit your needs perfectly.

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20 Lisbon Event Venues

1. SUD Lisboa

SUD Lisboa - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: SUB Lisboa

Location: Lisbon

Capacity: 1,500

SUD Lisboa is a relatively new venue on the Lisbon events scene but it has quickly asserted itself as one of the city’s finest. The space offers stunning views of the Tagus River, state of the art A/V equipment, and excellent entertainment options. And we can’t forget to mention the food! Chef Angel Reyes is internationally respected and ready to cook up delectable dishes for your next corporate mixer, wedding ceremony, or private shindig. Book SUD Lisboa today and wow your guests with either the Terrazza (an outdoor space with a pool) or the Hall, complete with luxurious wood floors and sparkling chandeliers.

2. Convento do Beato

Convento do Beato - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: TripAdvisor

Location: Beato

Capacity: 400

The Convento do Beato was originally constructed in the 16th century as a monastery. Made with Portuguese white marble and red jasper, the building was both sturdy and visually unique. But after a fire partially destroyed the Convento do Beato, it was sold and restored to be used as a manufacturing plant until 1984. Since that time, it has been used to host events by both local residents and mega companies like Microsoft, Lexus, and Mercedes. You can host your next event at the Convento do Beato too and get access to its beautiful architecture!

3. Altice Arena

Altice Arena - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: TripAdvisor

Location: Parque das Nações

Capacity: 20,000

Altice Arena is the biggest Lisbon event venue on this list and perfectly outfitted for rock concerts, large orchestral performances, as well as other big productions and entertainment shows. But don’t worry, it’s also able to host intimate gatherings as well.

The Arena features a few different small spaces. There’s the Moche Room, which is ideal for meetings of 50 people or less. There’s also the Business Center. A collection of 11 different rooms, each Business Center venue space is able to accommodate up to 20 people. No matter what kind of event you plan to throw, the professional events team at Altice Arena will help you every step of the way. Plus they will provide you and your guests with WiFi, comfortable furniture, and other amenities too.

4. Lisbon Marriott Hotel

Lisbon Marriott Hotel - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Lisbon Marriott Hotel

Location: Palma de Baixo

Capacity: 700

Marriott Hotels — no matter which country they’re located in — make for excellent event spaces. And the Lisbon Marriott is not an exception. Event planners have access to 16 different rooms (the largest of which can host parties of up to 500 people) as well as specialty catering options, high speed WiFi internet, and state of the art A/V equipment. From product launches to wedding receptions, host your next event with ease and class at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel.

5. Jardim Zoológico

Jardim Zoologico - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Go Discover Portugal

Location: Palma de Baixo

Capacity: 96+

Looking to paint outside the lines and do something different and interesting? Then host your next event at the Jardim Zoologico and treat your guests to a memorable evening surrounded by beautiful nature and entertaining creatures. The Zoo has five different locations for you to rent: the Auditorium (which has seating for 96 people and A/V equipment), the Avenue (a long, open outdoor space recommended for product launches), the Bandstand (located near several restaurants), the Rose Window Stone (a beautiful stone greenhouse with stained glass windows), and Nature’s Teatrinho (an open air theater with a lake). All you have to do is pick the right spot for your next corporate picnic or private party and enjoy all the zoo has to offer!

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6. The Flat

The Flat - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: The Flat

Location: Santos

Capacity: 150

The Flat is a four story house that’s been turned into one of Lisbon’s latest and greatest event venues. The space is equipped with a full bar and kitchen, an outdoor terrace with amazing views of the city, and a relaxing vibe your guests are sure to love. We recommend this venue for private parties, team bonding sessions, and wedding receptions, but just about any smaller gathering can be hosted here with success.

7. The Lisboa Story Center

The Lisboa Story Center - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: The Lisboa Story Center

Location: Alfama

Capacity: 100

The Lisboa Story Center is a fascinating museum that uses interactive equipment to tell the story of Lisbon from past to present. But it can also be rented and turned into an amazing event venue. The space’s location is hard to beat; it’s right on the river and delivers extraordinary views of the Atlantic Ocean. The building’s architectural design and the grandeur of the space is also a plus for event planners. Whether you plan to host a fundraising dinner, birthday party, or small conference, The Lisboa Story Center will be happy to partner with you and provide plenty of catering options and unique gifts for your guests.

8. The Lisbon Congress Center

The Lisbon Congress Center - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: 86th EAS Congress

Location: Lisbon

Capacity: 2,500

The Lisbon Congress Center is another Tagus River front event venue offering stellar views to all guests. The venue is comprised of 52 (yes, 52!) unique spaces. It has multiple auditoriums, pavilions, rooms, and foyers to rent – each with its own perks and benefits. For example, Auditorium 1 (pictured above) is versatile and offers remarkable acoustics. But Pavilion 2 is a large, open indoor space free of columns and perfectly equipped to host fairs, exhibitions, and even sporting events. Any event big or small can be held in one of The Lisbon Congress Center’s many spaces. The possibilities are nearly endless!

9. Veltagus Cruises

Veltagus Cruises - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Veltagus

Location: The River Tagus

Capacity: 300

Many of the Lisbon event venues on this list offer great views of the Tagus River. But only one of them allow you to actually set sail on the river and see it up close. Veltagus Cruises offers many different options to event planners. Hosting a corporate meeting? Book a high speed catamaran and enjoy drinks while you plot your company’s next move. Need a unique wedding ceremony spot? The Sailboat Príncipe Perfeito has three masts and can accommodate 200 people. No matter which ship you choose, you’ll have access to catering options and comfortable furniture for your guest to lounge and relax on.

10. Village Underground Lisboa

Source: YouTube

Location: Alcantara

Capacity: 140 (estimated)

The Village Underground Lisboa may be one of the most unique co-working spaces and event venues in Portugal. Its architectural structure is made from shipping containers recycled into office spaces and two double-decker busses transformed into a restaurant and conference room.

The venue also includes a recording studio and halfpipe for skateboarding. Wild right? Well, it’s working; the space was voted the 10th best co-working space in all of Europe in 2019. And if you’re worried that a venue made of shipping containers and old busses won’t have the amenities your event needs, don’t be. The Village Underground Lisboa has electricity, water, and nine toilets. Plus it’s fully licensed and insured. So if you want to make an impression on your guests, book The Village Underground Lisboa for your next event.

11. Estufa Fria Municipal Green Houses

Estufa Fria Municipal Green Houses - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Go Discover Portugal

Location: Lisbon

Capacity: N/A

The Estufa Fria Municipal Green Houses, also known as the Lisbon Greenhouse, is one of the most important parks in the city. It’s also one of its most visited. The park features a variety of different plants, lakes, waterfalls, babbling brooks, and statues. It’s a gorgeous living museum that event planners can use as the backdrop for their next conference, wedding, or reception. If you’re looking for beautiful scenery and a relaxing atmosphere, Estufa Fria Municipal Green Houses is an excellent event location.

12. Casa do Alentejo

Casa do Alentejo - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: TripAdvisor

Location: Lisbon

Capacity: 400

Casa do Alentejo is a restaurant housed in a 17th century palace and located in the heart of Lisbon in the Portas de Santo Antão. The actual building has an interesting history. It was originally built as the dwelling place of an aristocratic family. In the early 1900s, it became the first casino in Lisbon, known then as the Majestic Club. Then, in 1981, new owners purchased the property. Today, the restaurant’s two halls can be rented for events. Specific amenities include nearby parking and free WiFi. But the real draw is the exquisite architecture and the luxurious outfitting. Wow your guests at the Casa do Alentejo and book this venue for your next business or personal gathering.

13. Pestana Palace Lisbon

Pestana Palace Lisbon - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Pestana Palace Lisbon

Location: Ajuda

Capacity: 630

When it comes to Lisbon event spaces, palaces are definitely in. The Pestana Palace Lisbon is a restored 19th century palace that now operates as a one of the world’s leading five star hotels. It’s internationally known for its exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, and close proximity to the city’s top attractions — all great things for both a hotel and an event space. Book the Pestana and gain access to the Old Stables, which offer fantastic views of the river; several lounges which are perfect for fashion shows, cocktail parties, and receptions; and numerous meeting rooms that offer privacy as well as free WiFi. The Pestana Palace Lisbon also offers 100 private parking spaces for you and your guests.

14. Patio da Gale

Patio da Gale - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Patio da Gale

Location: Cais do Sodré

Capacity: 1,800

Patio da Gale is one of the more versatile Lisbon event venues on this list. It offers both indoor and outdoor spaces so event planners can configure the layout in a myriad of ways. Whether you plan to throw a cultural celebration, a private cocktail party, or a catered corporate dinner, Patio da Gale can host it with ease.

15. Gremio Literario

Gremio Literario - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Gremio Literario

Location: Lisbon

Capacity: 200

The Gremio Literario (or the “Literary Guild” in English) is a private club that promotes intellectual activity via the teaching of courses and the hosting of conferences in Lisbon. The Guild takes its residence in the Loures Palace which you can rent for your next business meeting, seminar, or private party. The premises include a great hall, full bar, dining hall, veranda, library, and garden. The crown jewel of the estate is the Louis the 15th Room, which is decorated in the neo-baroque style and offers views of the Tagus River. Book your next event at The Gremio Literario, get access to this exclusive club and the beautiful Loures Palace, and treat your guests to an evening they’ll never forget.

16. Adega Machado

Adega Machado - Lisbon Event Venues

Source: The Fork

Location: Bairro Alto

Capacity: 95

Adega Machado is “where you can taste and sing secrets.” It’s one part delicious, upscale restaurant, and one part fado music house. If you’re not familiar with the genre, fado is a Portuguese music style that follows a specific structure and is characterized by mournful melodies and lyrics. Adega Machado was originally founded in 1937 and features three floors of comfortable and private space for you and your guests to eat and listen in. The building also has a rooftop terrace and serves wine and snacks. For intimate events, we highly recommend Adega Machado.

17. Quinta da Bellavista

Quinta da Bellavista - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Discover Walks

Location: Caparica

Capacity: 1,500

The beginning of Quinta da Bellavista can be traced back to the late 18th century. These days, the refurbished building is a hotspot for events — especially weddings — because it offers views of both the Tagus River and Old Lisbon alongside well-kept grounds. Event planners can book one of many outdoor spots on the property’s 10 hectares of land, reserve the transparent tent by the pool, or take their party inside and use the main building. The location even has a heliport and parking for 500 cars, so just about any potential transportation issue is taken care of. Don’t let the quick 15 minute drive deter you from booking this amazing location for your next corporate or personal get-together!

18. Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Oyster

Location: Historic Lisbon

Capacity: 1,000

Located right in the middle of Historic Lisbon, the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon is a luxurious event location that provides many conveniences to event planners. For instance, the ruins of the 14th century Convento de Carmo are nearby and would make for an easy entertainment option for your guests. The venue’s event team can also cater a memorable al-fresco dinner for your each of your conference or cocktail party attendees. And when the evening ends, your guests can quickly retreat to their rooms to relax on their private terrace overlooking the Tagus River. And we haven’t even mentioned the grand chandeliers and hand woven tapestries in the Pedro Leitão Ballroom yet! All in all, the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon is an excellent venue and can accommodate just about any event strategy with ease.

19. Oceanario de Lisboa

Oceanario de Lisboa - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: Oceanario de Lisboa

Location: Parque das Nações

Capacity: 250

Choosing the right event venue is hard. Luckily, you can’t go wrong if you book Oceanario de Lisboa, one of the world’s highest rated aquariums. There are three rooms available for rent: the Sophia de Mello Breyner Room with magnificent views of the Tagus River; the VIP Room which offers open, versatile space; and the Mar da Palha Auditorium with advanced AV equipment and enough seating for 117 people. Plus, you and your guests can get access to all the amazing aquatic exhibits that the aquarium offers. Kids birthday parties to business powwows, book the Oceanario de Lisboa.

20. Pateo Alfacinha

Pateo Alfacinha - Lisbon Event VenuesSource: TripAdvisor

Location: Alto da Ajuda

Capacity: 1,000

Pateo Alfacinha is a great location for any kind of event. It offers multiple indoor and outdoor spaces including a brewery and garden, excellent cuisine, and state of the art AV equipment. The venue also has turnkey event solutions. Want to host a great party but can’t seem to find the time to plan it? Pateo Alfacinha will take care of every detail, you just have to invite the guests. Keep things simple and book your next get-together at Pateo Alfacinha.

Wrapping Up: The Perfect Lisbon Event Space

Lisbon is a vibrant city with a score of quality event venues. Now it’s your turn to choose one of the 20 spaces listed above and host a business meeting, private party, or mega conference that your guests will remember for a long, long time. Just don’t forget to invest in event management software after selecting your perfect venue! This tool will help you keep track of all the tiny details and ensure your next gathering is a big success.

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