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Event orchestration | 8 April 2014

Is Your Event Ready to Tech?

Stephanie Brenner

Event planning can be total chaos. There are a million things to do and only one of you! To make matters more complicated, there’s all this newfangled event technology all the youngins’ are using! If this is your attitude about innovating your next conference, it shouldn’t be. Event technology can help facilitate networking and increase retention, while being easy to use!

Following a very successful webinar we hosted with Eventbrite and EventProf Liz King, we decided to compile this checklist for event planners in order to help you achieve your event goals by using technology & social media.

The event planning tech checklist we have put together will help you learn what to do, when to do it, and why this is important to your event’s success. Make your next event social and networking-friendly with these simple steps. Emphasisng on networking will increase your attendees’ ROI and allow you to stay on the cutting edge of your industry. 

Download the whitepaper to meet and exceed attendee expectations at your next conference with event tech!

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