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19 February 2016 

Introducing Hot Leads: A Magic Tool For Organizers

David Epstein
Introducing Hot Leads: A Magic Tool For Organizers

As online shoppers we’ve all made the decision at the last minute to abandon a shopping cart. Even though we really wanted to buy those new shoes, or that plane ticket to Paris, we got distracted and never returned to make the purchase.

The seller ended up losing a sale, and we never got to rock those new shoes, or to people watch near the Eiffel Tower.

Potential event attendees do the same thing. They enter the event registration process, type in their name and email, but for some reason, they never end up completing their registration.

Normally, organizers have no way to contact these potential registrants, and so they lose out on a new attendee, and on the registration revenue associated with paid for events.

But today, event organizers have a new tool that will help them reach out to those who “abandoned their cart,” that tool is called “Hot Leads.”

Hot Leads Helps Event Organizers Increase Registrations:

Thanks to Bizzabo’s smart registration software, Hot Leads empowers event organizers to see exactly who  did not complete the event registration process, so that organizers can retarget these potential attendees.

Knowing who left the registration process means that organizers can retarget these potential attendees through many different mediums. Via email, or phone (if the organizer has that contact information), or through retargeting ad campaigns.

Perhaps the most effective way to re-engage a potential attendee who abandoned his or her shopping cart, is to send an email offering an attractive discount or in the case of free registrations, some other reward. This will encourage recipients to complete the registration process, organizers gain an attendee that would have otherwise been lost, and the attendee has a positive first impression of the event.

When organizers consider that the average shopping cart abandonment rate is over 68%, according to the Baymard Institute, reducing this percentage by even a few points can have a dramatic positive impact on the number of attendees who register for an event.

Hot Leads helps organizers to understand how successful they were at recovering event attendees, thanks to intuitive reports. Organizers gain insight into the number of recovered registrants, and if applicable, the amount of otherwise lost ticketing revenue organizers were able to gain.


Above: The Hot Leads dashboard that display easy to understand performance data

We’d like to thank Bizzabo customer,  Lloyed Lobo, Co-Founder of Traction Conference for his helpful insights as we built this tool. When we asked what he thought of the platform he said, “Bizzabo helps you manage the entire customer relationship from the the time they hit the website (Bizzabo) to buying a ticket (Bizzabo) to retargeting (Bizzabo)”

Connect With Your Most Valuable Audience:

The most valuable potential event attendee is the one who is the closest to registering for the event.

Organizers spend countless hours promoting an event on social media, through email, and in off-line displays. In some cases, they also invest considerable sums of money in paid advertising efforts to raise awareness about an event.

Why throw all of this hard work and money away by losing the people who were interested enough in an event to begin the registration process?

Hot Leads is an amazing new tool for organizers because it prevents the most valuable potential attendees from falling through the cracks.

How To Start Using Hot Leads:

Hot Leads is just one new innovative tool that fits into Bizzabo’s all-in-one event management platform. Hot leads in now live for all Bizzabo customers. See how to use it here.

Not a customer, but want to be one? Get in touch by clicking the button below!

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