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Event Marketing
5 September 2017 

How HubSpot Uses Live Events

Brandon Rafalson
How HubSpot Uses Live Events

Learn how HubSpot leverages events to solidify their position as one of the top inbound marketing software companies in the world in this interview with an events expert from the HubSpot team.

HubSpot’s suite of marketing automation tools helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. In addition to hosting an annual industry event, HubSpot also holds regional events for customer engagement and sales acceleration.

As the Event Marketing Manager of HubSpot Asia Pacific, Roberta Ocampo strategizes HubSpot events in a number of countries, including Australia, Singapore and China, including Growth with HubSpot Sydney. In this brief interview, Roberta (Bertie) shares a number of valuable tips. 

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Bizzabo: Why do you think live events are useful for generating leads and accelerating the sales cycle?

Bertie: Live events are a useful way to generate leads and helps accelerate the sales cycle because they are a great way to create face time with prospects. Our sales reps are on the phone day-in and day-out, and we feel events are a nice way to put a human touch to our sales process.

“Live events also do the job of a blog post, eBook or webinar but have a 10x impact.”

They’re a great way to educate prospects, and those that go to an event close way faster than the online-only sales cycle.

Live events are also a really nice way for attendees to see the social impact of your business. The more people see physical proof that other people are interested in your business, the faster they’ll get bought into it.

Bizzabo: What sort of strategies/tips do you recommend for generating leads before, during, and after events?

Bertie: The best strategy I would recommend would be to make sure the event is not trying to hard-sell your product.

“The best way to get leads interested is to educate them, not sell them.” 

At HubSpot, we ensure that our event content gives attendees valuable information. We make sure they walk away with key tips and tricks they can actually use and apply back in their day-to-day jobs. Once they realize that what they learned at the event has helped them grow, they eventually come back to us, and we start building that relationship.

Also, always make sure to include a clear CTA at the end of the event. Whether that’s to schedule a meeting, contact a salesperson or download an eBook—that CTA has to be made loud and clear right after the event and also in the follow-up comms.

A Growth With HubSpot event in Sydney

Bizzabo: What’s one piece of advice would you give someone looking to plan a global event series?

Bertie: My one piece of advice would be to make sure your reasons for doing the event are very clear, and you have a specific goal in mind. It’s hard to justify doing an event if you’re unsure of why you’re having an event in the first place.

“You can justify having an event if you know you can achieve positive ROI.”

A great way to be certain of this is to make sure that wherever you’re holding your event, there’s enough demand in that area for your product or solution. It’s never good if you put all of your money and resources into planning a huge event when you can’t manage to get enough attendees. So always make sure your goals are clear and people are interested.

Our Main Takeaways

  • Live events serve as social proof to vouch for the influence of your brand.
  • Educate don’t sell. Focus on having amazing content.
  • Have a clear CTA at the end of the event and make sure to follow up with it in post-event communication.
  • Make sure that your goals for planning an event are clear.
  • One of way to justify your event is through a positive event ROI.
  • Make sure that there’s interest in your event before you go through the expense of planning one.

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